Mad Men Eyewear

Watching Mad Men is like going back in time and experiencing how the world of advertisement and fashion has changed over the years. Other factors such as working relationship between male boss and his secretary, are well exploited in the series.

The 60s was the Mad Men world and the characters mentioned below made the show worth its weight in gold.

The show was created to reflect a time in history when society was going through a series of change.

The show also dealt with feminist issues and as controversial as some of the scenes were, it depicted an accurate presentation of women at the time.

Some women may find it hard to watch especially the character (Betty Draper) played by January Jones.

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Don Draper

He’s the brooding, womanizing, dark character of the 60s Advertising Executive.

He drank copious amounts of whiskey and smoked lots of cigarettes while trying to maintain his relevance in the advertising world.

Don Draper was featured as a great AD man, as evidenced by the Lucky Strike proposal.

Don claimed that advertising is based on one thing – happiness.

The role earned two Golden Globes and an Emmy.

He wore a lot of aviator sunglasses, mostly square shaped.

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Betty Draper

A former model and now a mother to Don Draper’s children.

She played the role of the dissatisfied classic housewife of the 60s.

Though she’s stunning, her union with Don was marked with uncountable infidelities which brought the marriage to an end.

Not even the psychiatrists hired by Don were able to salvage the marriage.

Betty was always seen wearing white glasses.

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Rachel Katz

She was the head of Menken, a department store.

Her path with Don Draper crossed when Rachel was looking for an advertising agency to help grow her company.

As well as advising Don on all things Jewish, she also became Don’s lover while still married.

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Peggy Olsen

She’s one of the central characters in the entire series from season 1 to the finale.

From being an awkward secretary, she worked her way to become a copywriter and eventually became second in command in Don’s creative department.

She had a complicated relationship with Don and eventually left Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce for a much better job.

Her character proved that women are just as capable as men.

She moved from Brooklyn to Manhattan to work for the agency.

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Joan Holloway

Joan Harris (née Holloway) acted like the big boss of the secretarial pool in Mad Men.

She’s like the agony aunt in the office as people turn to her for advice when there’s trouble.

Her dream is to marry rich and quit her job and at the same time, she loves her job too much.

She later became a partner at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

Her appearance on the show came across as an independent, sassy, beautiful, and successful business woman.

She is the type of woman all girls aspire to be and the type guys want to be with.

Her eyewear choices on the show reflect the style of a secretary, usually seen with retro vintage glasses similar to William Morris London WL6975.

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