Elton John’s Retro Eyewear

It’s hard to believe that Elton John turned 70 on March 25th, 2017. His musical career spanned over 54 years. His musical ability is unquestionable; a renowned English singer, composer and pianist. Creating over 30 albums and sold over 250 million records, making Elton one of the best-selling artists in the world.

His tribute single to Late Princess Diana titled ‘Candle in the Wind’ sold over 33 million copies.

Outside of music, he’s heavily involved in the fight against AIDS since the late 80s, and went on to establish the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

Aside from music and charity work, Elton John is also known for having flamboyant taste in fashion and eyewear.

His stage costume is better described as wild and over the top; attributing his extravagant taste in fashion as wanting to rebel against the restrictive childhood he once had.

Whether onstage or offstage, Elton John has been seen in theatrical looking spectacles that will rival Lady Gaga; in addition to wearing crazy looking wigs and iconic hats.

He has worn many frames during his lifetime from well known British eyewear designers such as Oliver Goldsmith to one of a kind handmade pieces.

As a purveyor of spectacles, he has inspired a West End comedy called Elton John’s Glasses.

Also, a digital eyewear museum called  Safilo Gallery features a cross section of his eyewear over the years.

Some might consider his style as being over the top – but they are simply part of Elton John’s fab, fun and out there eyewear collection. One of the most iconic spectacle wearers of all time.

At Home In London


Pictured: Elton John in a feather jacket wearing sparkly looking spectacles.

The JIMMY CHOO SOPHIA/S  infused with luxury and glamour are a similar style. Featuring oversized frames with a curved bridge. The same style is also available in black grey.

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Elton’s Vinyl Album


On the cover of his greatest hits, he wore off-white, tinted, and oversized glasses.

Try a similar pair by Oliver Peoples OV5297SU L.A COEN SUN (U):

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Screaming Elton


The playful Elton John in blue and purple gradient eyewear.

Designer Hook LDN has a similar design HK009 – GENESIS. Square, chunky and futuristic looking sunglasses suitable for the brave.

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Swimming Rainbow


Fun looking spectacles. Here’s a colourful pair by Miu Miu MU 53PS.

The similarity is solely on the rainbow like shades and nothing else.

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Elton in Spikes


This look is unusual and attention grabbing.

Miu Miu has something that’s equally hot: the Miu Miu MU 04SS. Playful eyewear that’s suitable for the forever young at heart. Other colours include light havana, black grey and transparent lilac.

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Elton Wearing Mickey Mouse


Eye catching eyewear.

If you prefer simple designs as opposed to excessive decorations, you can consider the Calvin Klein Jeans CKJ136S  in crystal. The same style is available in khaki tortoise, cobalt blue and crystal celery.

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Still can’t get enough on his love for funky eyewear? Here’s a short video clip on Elton John’s eyewear choices:


Want more spectacle inspiration? Have a look at Iris Apfel’s trademark glasses