Madonna Fronts Versace Eyewear Campaign 2015


Madonna. Queen of Pop, woman of the moment – or woman of many moments over the last three decades – has become the face of the new Versace Spring/Summer 2015 campaign.

There’s nothing quite like a rich celebrity modelling for an equally rich high-fashion house (if not far richer by Versace standards); paid to be draped in their products you and I can only dream to afford.

Does it make you sick?  Surprisingly not, it just makes us carry on dreaming.


No change this year then with Her Madgesty posing seductively in typical black and white Versace shots; holding handbags, dripping with jewelry and trying to wear not just one, but somehow four sunglasses, all at the same time.

Donatella Versace, current Vice President and Chief Designer, is known to pull in many A-list friends for the brand’s advertising over the years. Madonna herself has modelled in three campaigns previously and returned again this year for a fourth go.


It’s always exciting to be dressed head to toe in Versace and experience first-hand Donatella’s vivid imagination and passion that she has created for this collection.

Madonna replaces Lady Gaga, who graced last year’s Versace campaign and at the time looked more like Donatella’s double than her usual self – whatever that is – whilst doing so.  Weird.

Anyway at 56, we still think Madonna looks great – that goes for the sunglasses too, although just the one pair would be enough for us.  Check out our current range of Versace sunglasses here and let us know what you think.

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