Madonna’s Eyewear Evolution

Madonna - Rebel Heart Tour - Antwerp_5

Madonna is an inspirational fashion-icon for any generation and to celebrate her 60th Birthday, we take a look at her eyewear evolution.

Known for her non-conformist outfits for her shows, Madonna has always been a feminist. She’s encouraged women around the world to be sexy , wild and free.

The queen of pop has been through many changes during the years: from blonde to brunette, from saint to sexy, from Marilyn Monroe style to a rock star. She’s reinvented herself year by year with confidence and a lot of work.

She will stay forever young and she will rock the stage like in her 20s.


As she says in photo description <music saved her life>. Her very known songs: Like a Virgin, La Isla Bonita, Material Girl, Like a Prayer will always be in the history of music.

Back in time she used to wear hats that fits perfect with her blonde hair.

In the picture above, Madonna pictured the perfect portrait of her good times. With her black mole, red lispstick and her hat on, the diva is ready for her fans.

A pair of sunglasses is the perfect accesory to hide your eyes from paparazzi.

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Madonna is very active on social media. She posts new and old pics with her to maintain a close relationship with her fans.

Her elegant, feminine side is right here! Incredibly fashionable, she is wearing a bodycon red dress and a pair of black shoes.

The dress is perfect for her silhouette, known that Madonna has always been fit and good looking. An oversized pair of sunnies are perfect to complete the look.

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Madonna is clearly one of the most powerfull woman in the world and she knows it!

The way she pictures, you can see her confidence and her value.

She is rocking with this outfit and we love it. All black, with a corset and a lace bra she couldn’t be more sexy. The tie and the cap make the perfect match for a complete outfit to rock the stage.

The sunglasses are very trendy and cool so let’s get this party started!

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This is so a vacation picture. She is wearing an all white outfit and layers of necklace for a statement look.

The vintage car has the same colours like her clothes and this is so insane. The perfect look and car in just one picture.

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Rise and shine! The older she gets the better she is. For sure the age is just a number and we can tell it from this picture.
Her good vibe and her glowing outfit speaks for itself. She is wearing a black long dress, very shinny and with a generous V-neck.

With her perfect hair and her sunglasses on we can tell she is ready to give an unforgettable show.

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Madonna is involved in many charity activities and she has addopted 4 african children.

In this picture she’s in Malawi, Africa, helping children to get a better life.

With a very casual outfit, a green shirt, a straw hat and sunglasses, she is happy for having the chance to help these children.

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