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Top Makeup Tutorials for Wearing Glasses

As a glasses wearer, applying makeup needn’t be complicated! Our favorite three YouTube tutorials for those who sport lenses are filled with the best tips for accentuating your eyes behind your frames. Here are three completely different makeup looks you can try DIY.

Lisa Eldridge: Professional Makeup Artist

If you’re looking for reliable beauty and makeup tips then who can you rely on more than Lisa Eldridge? One of the world’s most experienced and respected makeup artists in the world.

Lisa is renowned for her trademark ‘fresh and flawless’ makeup and is in constant demand with celebrities, fashion shows and fashion brands alike.

Her ‘Makeup for Glasses’ YouTube tutorial has racked up almost 1 million views and is perfect for anyone looking for a fresh-faced look to highlight the eyes.

Top tips from the video:

  • Don’t apply foundation thickly on the nose
  • Use light reflective concealer around the eyes
  • Choose different eye makeup look depending on whether you’re long-sighted or short-sighted as your glasses lenses will have different effects on your eyes
  • Soften or smudge eye liner to make the lines appear less harsh behind your lenses

Ms. Rosie Bea: Blogger

Rosie Bea is a popular YouTube vlogger and blogger with over 200,000 people subscribed to her channel.

The fashion design student is known for her lusciously long and naturally red locks and mix of lifestyle, beauty and fashion videos.

Rosie’s tutorial is perfect for those that don’t mind taking a little longer on their makeup to get a bolder, dressier look.

Top tips from the video:

  • Set powder over foundation to stop foundation slipping under glasses
  • Blush for a healthy glow
  • Frame your face behind glasses with slightly bolder brows
  • Eyeliner to make eyes stand out behind glasses, the thicker the frames the thicker the liner
  • Nothing too nude on lips to avoid looking washed out

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Valerie Wang: Online Influencer for Sephora

Is there anything that online influencer Valerie Wang can’t do? As well as running her own hugely popular and professional blog and social media profiles, Valerie is also the creative designer and owner of the online fashion store Unda.

She created this YouTube tutorial for popular cosmetics brand Sephora, as part of the influencer takeover series on their YouTube channel.

This tutorial is perfect for anyone looking to create a refined and classy makeup look to go with glasses.

Top tips from the video:

  • Don’t be afraid to contour more as your glasses frame may hide your nose bridge, so the nose can be contoured more
  • Natural blush to bring attention to the eyes not the cheeks
  • Be sure to add liner to upper lash line to give more definition to the eyes
  • Curl lashes to open up eyes
  • Achieving different looks with same makeup base with different lip colors

Comment below with a link to your favorite YouTube makeup tutorial for glasses wearers, we’d love to see them!

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