Master the Green: Nike Sunglasses to Improve Your Golf Game

Nike X2

Nike’s outdone themselves this year with their new X2 and X2 Pro sunglasses series.  They’ve been tinkering away in their shops over the winter, working with golf pros to put out the latest in sports sunglasses technology, specifically aimed at improving your golf game.

Nike, being one of the largest conglomerates in the sports equipment industry, pooled its resources and begun work on the X2 and X2 Pro. Whether you’re a seasoned golf pro or just beginning, these sunglasses are designed to give you an advantage over your opponents and reach the top of your game, while fitting comfortably under your hat, if you choose to wear one.


It has a slew of cool technologically advanced features. Let’s begin with its lightweight nylon frame – if you didn’t follow that no need to worry -in laymen terms, it means it’s light and comfortable by design and provides better protection, all the while giving you superior versatility compared to most other sports sunglasses.

Then it gets crazy. If you’re obsessive like me, and keep needing to fix your frames to get that perfect fit every time you line up a shot, the X2 & X2 Pro has got you covered. It has what it calls adjustable silicone secure wrap temples. Basically, they’re bendable arms that go over your ear and can be tuned to your exact proportions, thus maximizing stability.

Okay. Take a break. Get a snack. Then come back because we’re still not done.

If you thought the customization stopped there, surprise! It doesn’t. The model also sports – pun intended – an adjustable silicon frame for your nose bride that encourages airflow to reduce lens fogging, and that’s just the frame.


Remember those guys tinkering away in the shops? Well, they came up with some serious lens technology. Nike’s MAX Optics and MAX Optic Tint provide not only protection against the sun, but help amplify the contrast between highlights and shadows on the green for better readability and reducing distortion when lining up putts.

It also amplifies the white of the ball, making it pop, which helps finding your ball if you tend to hook your shots like I do. (It’s the club. It’s got to be the club.)

Couple that with interchangeable lenses, optional high cheekbone cuts, and your choice of six different colours, including anti-glare matte finishes, and you got yourself a game changer.

After an enjoyable Masters in Augusta, it looks like pro-golfers are taking their eyewear seriously with Justin Rose wearing Adidas sunnies for most of the week.  Maybe it’ll improve my game too…

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