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Neels-Visser eating in L.A

He is one of the most researched models of the moment and trend influencer: his social media following is sky rocketing and he is the new male sensation everyone is talking about. I am talking about Neels Visser, the American model linked with Next Model modelling agency and  one of the highest earning models of the moment.

But his fame is not only due to his successful modelling career, but most of all, to his Vlog following and social media starring.

With more than 2.8 million followers his popularity is becoming bigger everyday and he is considered one of the most trend setting models in the Internet era.

In fact not only is he a heartthrob in the modelling industry,  he also runs his very own online fashion portal by the name: “Living Regal” which has had an outstanding success.

So the multi-talented model can teach us a thing or two in the matter of fashion…let’s be Inspired together!


More than Chilling…

He is the model of colours and cool matches, his accessories are the most trendy of the moment and he likes to wear them a lot.

As we can see from the snap above, Neels is rocking a vintage summer look as only he can do!

A yellow velvet shirt combined with a pair of small oval sunglasses and some palm trees necklace, are a super cool  ’70 nostalgia remake for this season. Yes, because that ’70 look is back for all you guys…hurry up to catch those vibes!

If you want to start with a stylish accessory, these  MonkeyGlasses ENRICO/S sunglasses are a must if you want to copy his look.

Yellow sunglasses man trend 2018

MonkeyGlasses ENRICO/S

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Of course, he cannot be considered an Instagram boy if he doesn’t have a pic with food and…fruits!

He doesn’t look so gorgeous by accident…he is always eating healthy. And for his admirers, this is good since he can be a good example for a lot of unhealthy boys out there.

But what makes the most of this picture is the matching pink glasses with the drink, as he has highlighted in the caption.

Really in vogue, these Oliver Peoples OV5183SM O’MALLEY NYC , sunglasses will make your life more tasty!

Pink man sunglasses 2018 trend

Oliver Peoples OV5183SM O’MALLEY NYC



Let’s party…


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Finally we have also a snap with a party look! He likes music and above all festivals, all his Instagram feed is full of cool parties, and this one is a very groovy one!

A mix of rebel rock-ish style, the accessories here again, make the most of this  look.

The black aviator sunglasses, with an angular metal frame are the most modish glasses  of the moment. They are a remembrance of the ’80 electro disco style and are now more searched than ever…

Giorgio Armani AR8092QZ


Armani havana sunglasses military 2018

Giorgio Armani AR8092QZ




California Vibe!

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🍔🥤 @againstthesun

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Here he is flaunting a more sophisticated look with that “California Vibe”, that he is really fond of and knows, more than anyone else how to put those vintage pieces together!

A flower patterned shirt and a pair of ’70 oval sunglasses are the best match to show off for having that “unwanted” attention …while you are eating!

Yes, because also when you are hungry, you can be irresistible…as Neels teaches us with this pic.

Givenchy GV 7052/S

Oval sunglasses men trend 2018

Givenchy GV 7052/S




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