NFL Star Von Miller owns 100+ Pairs of Glasses

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Boom shake, shake the room…tick tick tick boom. These are the words uttered by his majesty Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

But enough of Will Smith, there’s another American star whose hitting the headlines. And this time, it is the hard knocks of American football, it turns out that Super Bowl 50 MVP (that’s most valuable player to you and I) Von Miller has a spectacular revelation of his own.

No, he is not about to leave his beloved Denver Broncos, but the athletic maestro has a love affair with glasses. Von Vonnie Miller Junior may be shooting some bball outside of school but the Broncos linebacker allegedly has an extensive eyewear collection.

Claiming to have more than 120 pairs and growing, Miller almost has enough for every day of the year. This All American football player cannot only be seen rushing yards for his team but exchanging glasses with family members.

It is believed that he does a spec swap with his brother who coincidentally shares exactly the same prescription as Miller. Spooky! In recent months, he has been spotted wearing pairs similar to both the Antares 2011 as well as our Red Bull RBRE747 Sports-Tech glasses.

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Miller has so many pairs of glasses that would give even Sir Elton John a run for his money. Some though are of the opinion that he is simply doing this for the fun of it.

Yet according to Miller, he has declared that he actually requires glasses on a regular basis. He says;

These glasses are not a fashion statement I’ve been blind without them since I was a kid. Now it’s cool. In ’99, it wasn’t cool.

In addition to this, he took a further step in his love of specs. In order to play American Football at the top level, Miller had no choice but to take measures;

“I had to wear my glasses to play. But they kept falling off in the heat of battle. I would strap them over the top of my helmet to keep my glasses in place, motocross style.”

Nevertheless, with fame, not to mention fortune, came old-school style playground teasing. Miller went on to declare that he was literally called every name under the sun. From specie four eyes to geekazoid, he was teased pretty badly;

“I got it bad. I got called every name you can think of. But the thing about football is, it’s not the playground. If you call me four-eyes on the playground, you can laugh in my face and I can’t touch you without getting detention. On a Texas football field, I could run your ass over.”

As time passed by, Miller began to wear contacts on the field of play but it is his glasses that are certainly catching everyone’s eye. He’s making headlines off the field for all the right reasons thanks to his own charity called Von’s Vision.

Its key philosophy is to offer the children of Denver on low incomes with specific eye care. Looks like it’s definitely Miller time peeps. Catch all our latest sports glasses here.

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