Stylish Prescription Glasses For Summer ’17

Everyone knows the hassle of trying to find the correct type of prescription glasses. They have to suit your face shape, sense of style and still look fashionable and modern.

Many different designs have come and gone in fashion and some styles are still considered to be trendy due to their classic look.

I’m sure that fashion conscious specs wearers are eager to know about which styles are going to be in vogue this season.

It appears that some designs from previous seasons are staying with us for the near future.

These include the likes of wayfarer, cat-eye and rimless designs which have been given a more modern revamp for this season.

Therefore, lets take a look at some of the types of glasses which you could be sporting this summer.

Wayfarers With a Twist

It seems as though the classic Wayfarers are still in vogue for this season.

However, it looks as though they have been updated slightly to become more current with the detailing at the corner of the rims.

A pair of glasses like this would suit one who has a timeless sense of style, but who also loves to be involved with the fashion trends of the time.

I personally think that they show you are fashion forward and classy.

Steal this style by checking out this pair of similar Savannah 2444 – Havana specs:


 Oversized Aviators

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Another style which is following us into this summer season is the aviator.

This design has been around for quite some time now, and is set to stay with us for a bit longer.

First starting out as a sunglass trend, it appears as though they are evolving to migrate into our prescription glasses collection too.

The aviator definitely suits someone who has all round effortless style and manages to look fabulous at every occasion.

Become part of this current trend by grabbing a pair of these similar Ray-Ban RX6489 glasses:


Bold & Round

Another style which is high up on the fashion tick list is a pair of rounded glasses.

As well as the other designs mentioned so far, the rounded style has also been lingering for a few seasons and they seem to have been developed slightly to achieve more of a bold look than before.

Less Harry Potter and more geek chic, these glasses are bound to be a hit in your personal specs collection.

This pair of similar Tom Ford FT5459 prescription glasses will make sure that you keep on trend and up-to-date:


Horn Rimmed & Refined

The last style is, of course, the horn rimmed specs.

This is another design which is here to stay for the time being, with their sleek looking lenses, but thick upper rims.

They have proved to be stylish, modern and fashion forward with their constantly evolving designs – a style which any unique and bold woman would dare to wear.

Lets face it, horn rimmed specs are going to be current for a long time yet.

An awesome pair of similar glasses such as these Infinity 2083‘s will make sure that you stay in vogue for a bit longer – they are cheap as chips too, so get buying.

That concludes the post on some of the trendy yet affordable prescription glasses which are in vogue for this summer season! My preferred style from this post would be the aviator styled specs. Which style is your favourite from the list?
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