Serengeti Partner Up with the 24 Hours of Le Mans


The world of driving welcomes a match made in heaven as driving eyewear specialist Serengeti and famous endurance race the 24 hours of Le Mans confirm collaboration.

The collaboration will see a new and limited edition sunglass collection to be launched early 2016, pulling together the best in technology and performance.

The news comes after the exciting race this year saw Nico Hulkenberg as the first active F1 driver to win the race in 24 years, which originally began back in 1923.

Internationally recognised as the most difficult motor sports race in the world not only for endurance but performance too, it’s paramount for the drivers to wear appropriate eyewear.


Serengeti launched the world’s first driving lens in 1982, pioneering photochromic and special control technology – meaning the lens can adjust to changing light conditions, darkening in bright sunlight and lightening in other, allowing the driver to see every detail in the road effortlessly – all important factors when you’re racing for a full 24 hours.

So what can we expect from the Serengeti / 24 Hours of Le Mans limited edition sunglass collection?

Well, Serengeti tells us the sunglasses will feature the best polarized mineral, to block out the glare of the sun (particularly if there’s water on the road) and polarized PhD Trivex lenses (one of the best lenses going for it’s durability and vision correcting abilities.)


Serengeti posted 4 photos on their facebook page giving a preview of the frames design, inspired by both the history and heritage of Serengeti and the 24 hours of Le Mans, which we think looks both traditional and chic.

Dani Lagace, Global Director of the Eyewear Division at Serengeti said:

We are very proud to be partnered with the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans and are thrilled to share the unique experience the race provides.


Fabrice Bourrigaud, Director of Le Mans Spirit is pretty excited too:

It really makes sense for the ACO to start this partnership as we are excited to propose to our fans sunglasses that offer performance, quality, style and with a special design using Le Mans codes.

Any driving fans out there excited about this partnership? If you’re not willing to wait until January 2016 when the sunglasses are released, take a look at our current range (on sale too) here.

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