Steal Her Style: Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese

If you love the vintage 1940s look, then chances are you adore Dita von Teese and her beautiful vintage style. Dita optimises glamour and classic elegance in clothing which is neither too revealing or too modest, keeping her clothing flattering to her curves and the embodiment of feminity.

Dita is definitely a fan of her sunglasses too – she is often photographed in a beautiful pair which complete her gorgeous outfits. Take these sunnies below:

Elegant Cat Eye


The feminine cat-eye shaped frames with the flared outer edges serve to lift Dita’s face and accentuate her cheekbones. The bold frames also blend beautifully with her hair and outfit, effortlessly tying the look together. Cat-eye sunglasses are the perfect way to easily inject some feminine vintage glamour into your everyday wardrobe. Copy the look with the Emporio Armani EA4037 below.

Emporio Armarni EA4037
Emporio Armarni EA4037

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Casual Diva


Dita also knows how to style sunglasses in a more casual outfit, such as in the picture above. These square shaped glasses are in a muted shade of brown which works well with her brown trench coat. The sunglasses are incredibly elegant and feminine, without being too ‘out-there’.

 Get Dita’s look with the Dakota 8162 glasses below, for only £37.44!

Dakota 8162
Dakota 8162

Round & Retro


Dita loves to stand-out, and her beautiful round sunglasses in the photo above allow her to do just that! Round glasses are totally ‘in vogue’ this season, and they are a fun and easy way to elevate your style to a new level of cool. The round glasses teamed with a classic red lip make Dita look like she has just stepped out of a vintage film.

Emulate Dita’s look by investing in a pair of Oxydo OX 1088/S below.


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And to really finish off the look, take five minutes to watch this fantastic Dita Von Teese make-up tutorial by Pixiwoo (a.k.a Samantha Chapman) and a fab Dita inspired hair tutorial by ICON Network.

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