Top Female DJs In The World

DJing is a form of art, and these women are dominating the DJ scene formerly seen as belonging to the boys club only.

It’s a lucrative business as more women are now entering the industry and becoming more preferable to men.

Female DJs are a walking advertisement for brands; from their hair to clothes and even down to makeup and shoes.

DJ Cuppy

Her birth name is Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola, a Nigerian music producer.

She has played at prestigious events such as MTV Africa’s Music Awards in Durban, Tatler and Christie’s Art Ball in London, including the inauguration of the current Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo.

In 2015, she became the first African act to play as the official DJ for the 2015 Oil Barons Charity event in Dubai.

DJ Cuppy describes her style of music as Neo Afrobeat, which is a combination of electro house and afro-beats.

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Annie Mac

Annie is an Irish DJ, Radio 1 broadcaster and featured presenter on BBC Two’s The Culture Show.

She’s considered a tastemaker because of her opinions on the latest music offerings. And also because she introduces upcoming producers and underground DJs to a wider audience.

Aside from her Radio 1 job, she also hosts another radio show called Annie Mac where she plays dance-pop, hip-hop, rock and indie tunes.

In 2009, she released her first compilation album called Annie Mac Presents, followed by Annie Mac Presents 2010 and Annie Mac Presents 2011.

Annie was nominated ‘Best Female DJ’ at the 2012 Drum and Bass Awards for her involvement in the promotion of music.


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Juicy M.

She became famous for her video on YouTube where she was seen mixing four CDJ players without headphones.

DJ magazines such as DJ Mag Poll, The DJ List poll, Top Deejays global DJ have all included Juicy M. among the top 100 DJs on the planet.

Juicy M. started DJing around 2007, where she played hip-hop on real vinyl.

She has been a resident DJ in famous clubs like Matrix in her country Ukraine, Orangeries Supper Club and Patipa.

Working with artists such as Black-Eyed Peas, Backstreet Boys, Afrojack, Jay Sean and Skrillex.

Also a participant at the World Technical DJ Championship in Dubai. In 2010, she won “Best Female DJ of the Year” at the ProDJ Awards in Ukraine.


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Nina Kraviz

Born in Irkutsk, Russia, Nina became active within the DJ scene from 2008. Her video ‘Between The Beats: Nina Kraviz’ came out in March 2013.

The video gave her the much needed attention because it started the debate between feminism and sexuality in electronic music.

As a DJ and record producer, her music style covers techno, tech house, deep house, minimal, electronica, acid house and tech trance.

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Hannah Bronfman

A wellness enthusiast who also happens to be a native New Yorker. She is a multi-talented woman as a DJ, model, founder of HBFIT and co-founder of Beautified.

Beautified is a mobile app for finding last-minute beauty services such as salons, spas, and gym bookings.

As a DJ, she has played at top music festivals such as Coachella on behalf of PopSugar.

She started her DJ career around 2008 working in various nightclubs.

From there, she was approached by fashion brands like Clinique and Adidas to collaborate with them.

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