The Internet of Things and the Future of Eyewear

Internet of Things Future Eyewear

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been dubbed as the “next industrial revolution” and it’s about to change everything in our lives. Including things like eyewear. The IoT is the connection of smart devices to the internet. And by 2020, it is predicted that there will be 20.4 billion ‘things’ connected to the world wide web. Not just mobile phones and tablets, but household appliances and electricals like kettles and washing machines. Wearables such as your watch and even your glasses.

With household devices, we can look forward to refrigerators that can order milk online when you’re running low or toasters with learning capabilities to get your bread just right every time. With travel, we can expect smart traffic light systems that can reduce congestion and connected car parks that can communicate with your vehicle. But what’s in store for the future of eyewear? Here we look at some examples of smart IoT eyewear devices in the making.

The Future of Google Glass

Google Glass is an optical display screen designed to be worn as specs, developed by X (previously Google X) with smartphone hands-free capabilities. The first version has been a flop in the industry. However, Google Glass 2.o is already in development, with a special focus on the workplace. And Google Glass will be available with prescription lenses for anyone with myopia or hyperopia.

google glass IoT eyewear

Augmented Reality

It’s not just Google Glass that will be embracing the Internet of Things for wearable accessories. GlassUp is another example of eyewear offering complete internet connectivity; with functions to receive emails, text messages and social media updates such as Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, the GlassUp eyeglasses will link up with a remote control dashboard that can be accessed on any phone or tablet. And the device will even harness the advanced technology of Augmented Reality to provide easy viewing for the user.

GPS Sports Eyewear

One of the things that we can look forward to in the near future is the widespread use and application of GPS enabled goggles for outdoor sports such as cycling or skiing. The Oakley Airwave 1.5 is the most up to date example of smart eyewear (available to the US market only at the moment). Watch the video below to see exactly what sports goggles of the future can do.

Keep checking in on our Oakley Goggles range at SelectSpecs for new versions and updates of the Oakley Airwave, and future arrivals featuring GPS and Bluetooth capability. The 1.5 upgraded version is currently not available to buy in the UK. However, available right now is the Oakley OO7049 AIRWAVE model, which also includes GPS connectivity and an inbuilt camera. Plus lenses with anti-glare benefits and scratch resistant lenses.

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Oakley Airwave GPS

Oakley OO7049 AIRWAVE


These are just a few examples of how the Internet of Things will reshape the future of eyewear, both prescription and for sports. Other devices that are in production are the Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses, the WeON Glasses, the OrCam, Lumus Smart Glasses, and the Pivothead SMART™. It’s exciting to see just what the future will hold for spectacle wearers like us.

For more updates on high tech eyewear, see our recent post ‘Revo Sunglasses: New Brand on the Block Utilising Lens Technology Developed by NASA‘.

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