5 Reasons You MUST Wear Sunglasses when it’s Snowing

why you must wear sunglasses when snowing

Sunglasses and snow just don’t seem to go together, right? Unless you’re skiing or snowboarding in the French Alps, the thought of wearing sunglasses just seems a little odd. Maybe even a fashion faux pas in some cases.

But it really is important to don your shades when it’s snowy and icy outdoors. If you want to preserve your eye health into old age and prevent complications in the future, sunglasses in winter are essential. And besides, winter shades are totally chic now.

Here are the reasons why you MUST wear sunglasses when it’s snowing:

1. Essential UV Protection

Low winter sun and reflections from the snow can cause intense glare. Not only does this impair your vision outdoors, but it can also increase the number of UVB rays entering your eye. Over time, UV damage can cause eye health problems, some irreversible and some even leading to blindness. The sun’s UV rays have been linked to cataracts, macular degeneration, pingueculae, pterygia and photokeratitis. So wearing sunglasses in snowy conditions is an absolute must.

To minimise light reflection, shop for mirrored or flash lens sunglasses this winter. These Dior DIORREFLECTEDP shades are the perfect designer glasses to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays in the snow/ice.

mirror sunglasses for snow



2. Better Clarity of Vision

Snow can cause problems with glare and visual perception. Which can be harmful to your eyes and particularly dangerous when driving, walking in places of high traffic, or partaking in winter sports/outdoor activities. Wearing sunglasses when it’s snowing can reduce glare and improve your clarity of vision, making objects appear clearer and more defined.

3. Avoid Dangers of Cornea Sunburn

Corneal sunburn is more common than many people realise. In snowy conditions, intense light reflections and glare can cause the eye to suffer from immediate sun damage. Sunburn of the cornea can lead to temporary blindness and can happen in high altitude areas. And it’s not just skiers and snowboarders who are at risk. Anyone booking an Alpine getaway or winter holiday should keep your sunglasses on at all times.

4. Prevent Dry Eye

Snow is formed when the atmospheric temperature is at or below freezing and there is minimum moisture in the air. So when it’s snowing, your eyes may suffer from dryness. Add in the wind and your eyes could become irritated very easily. But wearing sunglasses in the snow can help to protect your eyes from the drying wind, keeping them hydrated even in the harshest conditions. If you suffer from winter dry eye regularly, try using lubricating eye drops to assist with the symptoms.


5. Protect Against Snow & Debris

Another reason to wear sunglasses when it’s snowing is to shield your eyes from falling snow and debris in the air. The best sunglasses to protect from the debris in the air are sunglasses with added coverage. Oversized silhouettes or wraparound shades are ideal, like this stylish Oakley Ladies OO9193 LBD frame which comes with polarized lenses too.

sunglasses for snow

Oakley Ladies OO9193 LBD (Polarized)



For more advice on looking after your eyes in winter time, check out our recent blog post titled ‘Coloured Lenses: The Best Sunglasses for Autumn/Winter‘.


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