The Ultimate Sunglasses Gift Guide for Him This Christmas

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for someone you love? Whether it’s for your boyfriend/husband, best friend, brother, dad or any other family member, a pair of sunglasses is a great way to surprise him. Not only are they a stylish accessory that can be worn year-round, but they are practical too, providing important protection for the eyes.

Harmful UV rays from the sun don’t just affect us in summer. They affect us just as much in the colder seasons (and in some cases more due to the low winter sun). So there’s no better way to show someone you care than a pair of sunglasses for Christmas!

Use our helpful Christmas gift guide below to find the perfect pair of men’s sunglasses for him…

Face shape

Men's Christmas Eyewear Gift Guide Face Shape

Knowing your gift recipient’s face shape is the first step when it comes to shopping for sunglasses. His face shape will determine what shape lenses suit him best. If you can’t tell by sight alone, the best way of determining face shape is by tracing a photograph. After the face shape is established, you can use our simple eyewear shopping guide to find the right frame style.

Alternatively, you can look at his existing eyewear choices and use that as inspiration. If in doubt, aviators are a great all-rounder. They suit many face shapes, particularly heart, square and oval, and are available in many sizes, styles and colours. These Porsche Design P8508 are stylish and versatile and are classic enough to be worn for every event and occasion.

Men's Christmas Eyewear Gift Guide aviator sunglasses
Porsche Design P8508

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Wardrobe style

Men's Christmas Sunglasses Gift Guide for Him

Another thing to consider when buying men’s sunglasses as a gift is their wardrobe style. Is your loved one laidback and casual, or does he look fresh off the runway? Does he need to look smart for work? Or do you regularly see him in jeans and a t-shirt? Whether he’s a chinos kind of guy or a joggers kind of guy, there’s a style of frame to suit everyone.

Metal sunglasses are versatile as they can be dressed up or down, while designs like classic Wayfarers tend to be more weekend/festival appropriate. A good in-between is something that is simple, elegant and black, like these Hugo Boss BOSS 1036/S frames. They have a similar silhouette to the relaxed Wayfarer but are much more refined…

Men's Christmas Eyewear Gift Guide black sunglasses Hugo Boss
Hugo Boss BOSS 1036/S

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Lifestyle and hobbies

Men's Christmas Eyewear Gift Guide Lifestyle Active Sporty

As well as getting his sense of style right, you’ll also have to know what he gets up to in his spare time. Does he do a lot of sports or go hiking often? Is he outdoorsy or bookish? Does he attend a lot of formal events or spend his weekends in the pub?

Finding a pair of versatile sunglasses is key if your guy does a lot of different things or enjoys a range of hobbies. But if you’re shopping for someone who’s serious about health and fitness, functionality is everything.

For eyewear that offers comfort, eye protection and visual clarity, check out the Bolle FALCO sunglasses for men. They feature polarised lenses to prevent glare, meaning he can see clearly whether he’s walking, cycling, surfing, golfing, or just chilling in a beer garden!

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Brands and labels

Men's Christmas Gift Guide Sunglasses Eyewear Brands Ray-Ban

The thing with designer brands is knowing which ones your recipient likes. They can be very personal to many people, so he may already have his preferences. Some people value high-end labels, while others just enjoy the design and quality of a product regardless of the logo. So first, you’ll need to figure out what he looks for when it comes to clothing and accessories.

If he loves luxury, fashion houses like Dior, Tom Ford, Bvlgari and Fendi will impress. If he’s all about performance and value for money, look first at style, design, quality and other features.

One brand that stands out as a crowd-pleaser is Ray-Ban. It ticks all the boxes for every type of man, including sporty, urban, sophisticated or casual. And these Ray-Ban RB2176 CLUBMASTER FOLDING sunglasses aren’t just a celebrated classic either. They are also foldable, making them even more awesome. Anyone who opens this on Christmas Day will be delighted with the combination of fashion + function.


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