Top 10 Sunglasses for Marathon Runners 2018

Top 10 Sunglasses for Marathon Runners

Are you looking for the best running sunglasses in 2018?

With the London Marathon coming up this month and a long list of marathon events happening across the nation in May, now is the perfect time to upgrade your eyewear.

Here are the top 10 sunglasses for marathon runners, triathletes, or anyone who is looking to train or take up running as a sport!



top 10 sunglasses for marathon runners 2018


Why they’re good: These sunglasses get the thumbs up for triathlons. With Oakley’s outstanding Prizm lens technology for enhance colour perception and sharp visual clarity, you get unobstructed panoramic views when running. We love that you have the ability to change the lenses over, too!

Who rates them: Men’s Journal labelled these as ‘Best for Cycling‘, but they’re awesome all-rounders for anyone who is active and spends time training outside.

Price: £130.20 (free delivery)

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2) Oakley OO9313 EVZERO PATH (A)

top 10 sunglasses for marathon runners

Oakley OO9313 EVZERO PATH (A)

Why they’re good: These are from Oakley’s lightest sport performance range, so you can enjoy that ‘barely there’ feel all the way to the finish line. The frames feature a rimless Plutonite toric shield for perfect visibility, plus a three-point fit and non-slip nose pads for maximum comfort.

Who rates them: Mentioned in Men’s Running UK in the ‘Best Running Sunglasses Under £100‘ and also underwent user testing with Women’s Running UK.

Price: £96.72 (free delivery)

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3) Smith Optics PIVLOCK ASANA/N

top 10 sunglasses for marathon runners 2018


Why they’re good: Expect great coverage with unobstructed views and a perfect fit. These frames are made with two-position adjustable nose pads and hydroleophobic lens coating to repel water, dirt, and grease!

Who rates them: These shades were reviewed on and the PIVLOCK running eyewear range has been listed in their ‘Best Running Sunglasses’ feature this year.

Price: £146.92 (free delivery)

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4) Adidas a427 3matic

top 10 sunglasses for running 2018

Adidas a427 3matic

Why they’re good: Ideal as versatile sunglasses to be worn on and off the trail, doubling up as a fashion statement with a sports luxe edge. Mirrored lenses protect from glare and polarised lenses are also available in this range. Great for charity runs, urban marathons and non-competitive sports.

Who rates them: They’re rated by Men’s Journal and have been worn by golfers, footballers and celebs.

Price: £100.00 (free delivery)

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5) Bolle Flash

top 10 running sunglasses 2018

Bolle Flash

Why it’s good: If you don’t want a huge frame front, this design is ideal. Featuring interchangeable lenses and sticky rubber temples that stay in place no matter what.

Who rates them: Runner’s World Magazine has been an advocator of these sleek and slimline shades, and at under £80 per pair you’ll feel like you’ve grabbed yourself a bargain.

Price: £79.03 (free delivery)

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6) Nike SKYLON ACE XV R EV0859

top 10 running sunglasses 2018


Why it’s good: The Nike Skylon range is ideal for multi-sport wear, and effective use in all seasons / conditions and every climate.  They are ultra light with ample coverage, and come with a fully vented nosepiece and secure wrap design, plus interchangeable lenses to adapt to any light condition.

Who rates them: These are Mo Farah’s Olympic Gold Medal winning running glasses. ‘Nuff said.

Price: £107.64 (free delivery)

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top 10 sunglasses for marathon runners


Why it’s good: Designed to be unbelievably lightweight whilst creating a shield against oncoming wind in order to reduce resistance (think mega streamlining here) and the finest in high definition colour and visual clarity. It even features a super grip rubber that refuses to budge even when you’re dripping in sweat, allowing circulation to the skin and giving you unbeatable comfort. Worth investing in if your budget can stretch!

Who rates them: From Men’s Journal to CNET, these running sunglasses have been top dog approved.

Price: £308.88 (free delivery)

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8) Adidas a403 Evil Eye Halfrim

top 10 running sunglasses marathon women's jess ennis

Adidas a403 Evil Eye Halfrim S

Why it’s good: A great unisex design with a stylish wrap fit, reducing eye fatigue caused by periperal light scatter as well as blocking out airborne dust particles. Light to the touch and easily interchangeable with lenses.

Who rates them: The Nike Evil Eye in the half-rim design is the eyewear of choice for heptathlon gold medallist Jessica Ennis.

Price: £141.00 (free delivery)

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9) Nike VOLITION EV0879

top 10 sunglasses for running women's nike


Why it’s good: Great for everyday wear as well as use when training / exercising. Clean, minimalist design offering a lightweight feel and just awesome for every occasion.

Who rates them: Named in Women’s Health Magazine for their ‘Running Sunglasses to Smash Your Style PB‘ feature.

Price: £161.93 (free delivery)

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10) Oakley OO9144 HALF JACKET 2.0 (Polarized)

top 10 sunglasses for marathon running 2018

Oakley OO9144 HALF JACKET 2.0 (Polarized)

Why it’s good: Good value for money and insanely durable. Comfy, lightweight and promising a great fit as standard, and complete with the best polarized lenses to reduce glare in even the brightest conditions. The lens technology adapts well to changeable weather and you can work up a sweat all you like – they’re not budging.

Who rates them: Consistently cited in magazines as one of the best sunglasses for marathon runners and cyclists, including ‘The 7 Best Running Sunglasses to Buy in 2018‘ on and ‘Best Sunglasses for Running – Buyer’s Guide’ on Pro Sport Expert’. 

Price: £107.88 (free delivery)

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For more on men’s running / workout gear, read our recent post ‘Must Have: Men’s 2018 Sportswear‘. Or for women’s sports style inspiration, check out this ‘Style Profile on Serena Williams‘.

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