Top 10 Variable Tint (Photochromic) Sunglasses for Winter


Sunglasses are essential in winter, especially if you are taking part in winter sports or driving a vehicle. Not only should you wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays, but having the right eyewear will make you safer on the roads and give you better visual clarity outdoors.

With the changeable winter climate and temperamental skies, variable tint lenses or ‘photochromic’ lenses make a great option. Designed to adapt to changing light conditions, they are ideal for the ever-changing weather and they will see you through to summer too.

Here are our top 10 variable tint sunglasses this wear this AW.

1. Ray-Ban RB3025JM Aviators

These Ray-Ban RB3025JM aviator sunglasses are a classic design. Perfect for winter but also suitable for all year round wear, and the photochromic lenses will ensure the best colour contrast and visual clarity.

Ray-Ban RB3025JM

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2. Ray-Ban RB4101 Jackie Ohh

For a more glamorous frame, go for the Ray-Ban RB4101 Jackie Ohh shades – oversized and retro for some serious glam. The light adapting lenses are also polarised so they will help to reduce glare from the low winter sun.

Ray-Ban RB4101 Jackie Ohh

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These wraparound photochromic sunglasses from Oakley not only change darkness and lightness according to the conditions outside, but they feature 360 degree protection making them ideal for activities such as running, cycling or snow sports.

Shop the Oakley OO9181 RADARLOCK PATH sunglasses and choose from 2 stylish colours.


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4. Persol PO2747S Shades

Get simple, effortless style with the Persol PO2747S sunglasses. Designed for a minimalist look, they are perfect for just about any occasion. The sleek contour of the frames makes them suitable for storing in your car or slipping into your pocket.

Persol PO2747S

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5. JAGUAR Eyewear 37801

Another fantastic frame suitable for driving and outdoor activities in the winter, the JAGUAR Eyewear 37801 shades are a stylish and lightweight option. Made to be both durable and light to the touch, they won’t weigh you down. The perfect photochromic sunglasses for those with active lifestyles.

JAGUAR Eyewear 37801

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6. Bolle Bounty Photo V3 Golf

The Bolle Bounty Photo V3 Golf sunglasses are ideal for sports and activities that require the optimized vision. These glasses will improve contrast and clarity, reduce glare, and darken/lighten depending on ultraviolet exposure.

Bolle Bounty Photo V3 Golf

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7. Ray-Ban RB4184 Wayfarers

These Ray-Ban RB4184 wayfarer style sunglasses have a cool, retro look. They come in 2 different photochromic lens colours and feature a timeless havana frame.

Ray-Ban RB4184

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8. Oakley OO9290 JAWBREAKER

For maximum coverage, we recommend the Oakley OO9290 JAWBREAKER goggles. They are designed specifically for high altitude sports such as skiing and snowboarding, and the variable tint lenses will adjust to the changing light.


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9. Persol PO3034S

These stylish Persol PO3034S frames are great for all year round wear and the adaptable darkness/lightness of the lenses will keep your visual clarity at its best in any season. A smart/casual design, suitable for any occasion.

Persol PO3034S

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10. Drivewear DW8

The Drivewear DW8 sunglasses are a unisex design and they come with lenses which offer both transition and polarised benefits for the wearer. Perfect for driving, they will block out glare and adapt to outdoor light conditions to help you see clearly on the road ahead.

Drivewear DW8

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 Winter driving can give you some serious eye strain, take a look at the best sunglasses for driving in winter and spare yourself the headache.

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