Top 10 Sunglasses for Driving in Winter

top 10 sunglasses for driving winter

Sunglasses are essential for keeping our vision in check whilst on the road. Wearing shades in the car can help to improve clarity of vision and reduce the problems of glare when looking at the road ahead, all whilst protecting our eyes from harmful UVA / UVB rays.

So not only does wearing shades make us safer drivers, but buying the right lenses will help to keep our eyes in good condition too. And in winter, this really is more important than ever because glare can be a real issue, especially if it’s snowy or frosty outside. For maximum safety, unbeatable protection and optimum style, here are 10 of the best sunglasses for driving this winter.

1. Serengeti Sport LUCA 

These unisex frames are great for driving because they are contoured for coverage and they boast polarised lenses to reduce glare. Suitable for driving in bright winter conditions, such as ski resorts and snowy or icy locations. They are also super lightweight, making them ideal for long drives where comfort is key.

Choose from 2 classic colours with the Serengeti Sport LUCA shades.

best sunglasses for winter driving

Serengeti Sport LUCA

2. Ray-Ban RB4184 Photocromatic 

For the ultimate all-weather sunglasses that will improve your vision in any lighting condition, the Ray-Ban RB4184 sunglasses for men are definitely worth trying. Photocramatic lenses change colour according to light levels, so you can have the optimum visual clarity even when the clouds are constantly changing. For even better protection try adding the Xtractive Transition tint, which is more effective behind the windscreen of the car.

best sunglasses for winter driving

Ray-Ban RB4184

3. Julbo 359 TRACKS

The super sporty and incredibly high-tech Julbo 359 TRACKS sunglasses are perfect for wearing during foggy or hazy conditions. So if it’s a misty winter with low lighting, give these stylish frames a go. The wraparound design will provide extra coverage too, so you can protect your eyes from all angles.

best sunglasses for driving winter

Julbo 359 TRACKS

4. Smith Optics SERPICO

The Smith Optics SERPICO sunglasses are designed for both men and women and feature smooth edges for unobstructed vision, plus an ever so slightly contoured sillhouette for maximum comfort and extra protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

best sunglasses for driving winter

Smith Optics SERPICO sunglasses

5. Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator

Ray Ban aviators are a true classic, as practical as they are stylish. And if they’re good enough for pilots, they’re certainly good enough to run around on the road. Pick a pair of Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviators with red lenses to enhance visual depth, adjust contrast and sharpen your outlook.

Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviators

6. Univo SP158 Polarised

If you’re looking for a budget friendly pair of driving glasses, shop the simple yet stylish Univo SP158 Polarised sunglasses, priced at just £18.30 and boasting polarised lenses to reduce glare from snowy or icy landscapes.

cheap sunglasses for driving reduce glare

Univo SP158

7. Porsche Design P8480

When you’re driving, convenience is key. Which is why you’ll love the Porsche Design P8480 designer frames, the perfect pocket shades that fold down the middle so you can tuck them away in your glove compartment or slip them into your shirt pocket.

best sunglasses driving folding

Porsche Design P8480

8. Vuarnet VL1604 CABLE CAR

Flash lenses go beyond the standard light absorption of tinted lenses, so they are a must-have for people with light-sensitive eyes (many blue-eyed or green-eyed people may experience sensitivity). These Vuarnet VL1604 CABLE CAR sunglasses with flash lenses will mirror the light, reflecting it away from your eyes.

best sunglasses driving winter flash

Vuarnet VL1604 CABLE CAR

9. MINIMA Sport-6 FM 41

Ergonomically designed and made to provide the most comfortable fit (plus no slipping), the MINIMA Sport-6 FM 41 is ideal for long drives. Enjoy incredible comfort so you can focus on the road ahead.

MINIMA Sport-6 FM 41

10. Savannah S8122

Another great budget pair of sunglasses is our Savannah S8122 frame. For only £10.oo and suitable for both men and women, you really can’t go wrong with these wayfarer style shades. Made of a rubber frame, they are great for throwing on with any outfit and the lenses are UV400 so you can get protection from UVA and UVB.

best sunglasses for driving uv400

Savannah S8122

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