Trend Focus: Rimless Glasses

Rimless glasses are an eyewear staple and the tried-and-tested style maintains its place in the eyewear market. As like any other fashion accessory, the range of designs and frames in prescription eyewear has only increased in recent years – and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. Now that you can have a different frame for every day of the week, prescription or non-prescription eyewear follows fashion trends just as clothing and footwear do.

But compared to other fashion items, glasses can be far cheaper and that is why they serve as excellent fashion statements. Many people prefer to use prescription glasses to change their look or to reflect the kind of image they want to portray. But with the ever-changing trends and the release of various new designs, it can be a tough decision for which frame to go for. That is why a timeless style, which is not subjected to any trend change, may be the best option. An iconic pair of glasses which will see you through season after season may be the way to go and rimless glasses are ideal.

Rimless glasses have become the perfect fashion accessory for those who want both style and practicality. With the absence of the rim, they offer you a nice lightweight frame. The minimalist look is great for those who like to go for a more elegant frame. When a rimless frame is combined with glossy shades of gunmetal or gold, the style is on top form.

Rimless glasses have a number of pros. Firstly, they are generally more comfortable than most frames since there’s virtually no weight to them. They also have a tendency to stay better on your face because of those characteristics. For those wanting a minimalist appearance and to find a pair of glasses that allow for more of your face to be revealed, a rimless style is an ideal choice. Their sleek design ensures that much of your face is revealed and on top of that, rimless glasses are known reflect a professional, chic look.

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Whatever your reasons for choosing a pair of rimless glasses, there is no denying they are one of the hottest eyewear trends to come out of 2017.

From the frame’s sophisticated, attractive and chic appeal to its extreme comfort and reliability, they have a lot to offer the wearer. Its minimalist appearance has been showcased in fashion magazines and on catwalks for years, but now that the trend is coupled with the aviator and round shaped eyewear styles, the trend has been catapulted into a new light.

In 2017, the trend has been coupled with retro eyewear shapes in order to give it a fresh new look.and it’s one that’s gained the attention of fashion followers all over the world.

Rimless glasses are also available in various colours and sizes. This gives you an opportunity to match your pair of rimless glasses with your skin tone or your face type.

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