Your Style By Your Zodiac Sign

Whether you believe in Zodiac signs and the stars predicting your future, or not, we can all agree that people born at a certain time of the year have certain traits in common.

Still a no?

Read on and maybe we’ll have you convinced that you at least share a fashion sense with people who share your star sign.


An air sign, so think blue, cobalt to be precise.

As well as fluidity, metallics, modern or even futuristic silhouettes and fabrics, bold statement pieces, and colours like fuschia.

Accessories are your friend, so bring them on with a fun pair of sunnies that fit right in with your vibe, like the ones below.


Give it up for the Pisces peeps, the fashion chameleons, ever changeable, and ever evolving.

Layers are their friend, and fashion rules are not.

A kaleidoscope of colour and quirky shapes and silhouettes.

Bring thoughts of the ocean you long for with these dreamy blue sunnies.


A fire sign, red is your colour, as are structured pieces with daring silhouettes.

Comfort is key though, as you are vibrant and energetic.

Not feeling red ready?

Stick with the next best thing, monochromatic black and white.

Facial accessories are your thing, like these girl about town sunnies.


The flower child, shades like peach are your thing, and pastels are second best.

Throw on accessories like scarves or a fun necklace, floral prints, or even a good old flower crown.

Unique details are what draw you to your clothing choices.

Luxury attire is your thing, like the tangerine sunglasses below.


The twins.

Yellow is your colour, and mixing and matching is your middle name.

As the star sign would suggest, there are two sides to your fashion sense.

Flirty and put together makes for a quirky fashion forward approach.

You enjoy pairing youthful pieces with more classic attire.

Here’s something both classic and yellow:


Ribbed Tatia Set | #saboskirt 👌🏽 hello new @saboskirt baby @kyleecampbell

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Yet another changeable water sign here, moody as you may be, you are drawn towards the soft and feminine.

It is no surprise that colours like white are among your favourites, as well as classic shapes, the sunglasses below are just the right mix of girly and water toned.


The ever independent lioness, gold is your colour, fire is your element, and bold prints are often seen in your wardrobe.

Luxury pieces that make a statement are your go to, as well as shine, sparkle and glitter.

So, the sunglasses below are everything you need and more.


Granny 💁🍏 #gardeningtoday #journeyofmylife #purejoy #earthytones #nicefrance #vacationmode

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Simplicity, timeless pieces, subtle prints, clean cut and classic attire in earthy tones.

Textured fabrics and nudes are great choices.

The sunglasses shown here are both classic and timeless.


Day 31/100 of #the100dayproject #100daysofcolouredpencilbydeb 🌈

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It comes as no shock that the sign of the scales is all about balance.

Not too over the top, but not too casual.

Fashionable, but not a trend junkie, thrifty and always put together.

While their colour palette is muted, blue is on the list.

Try turquoise for some added flair.


Intensity, simplicity, dark and rich tones.

Eye catching attire and daring shapes, like the sunnies below.


The archer; chill vibes are what you are all about.

The hippie, a traveller, unique, versatile, seeking comfort, sporty, enjoy mixing basics with quirky styles.

Violet is your colour of choice, like the cool as a cucumber sunglasses below.


All about preppy vintage, classic, understated, neutral, simple, all business, sharp, sleek, and structured.

Throw on a pair of specs like the ones below to channel your inner business mogul and you’re all set to conquer the world.

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