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FREE Single Vision Lenses

While our Single Vision Standard 1.5 index lenses are available free of charge*, our Thin and Light lenses enhance the appearance by up to 25% in comparison with standard lenses as well as incorporating an Anti-Reflective Coating, anti-smudge, dust repellent and water repellent treatments as standard - Available for just ₴169.95.

We include the following with our FREE: Single vision lenses*

FREE: Anti reflection coating

FREE: UV protection (Essential for protection against radiation)**

FREE: Scratch resistant coating

FREE: Anti smudge treatment

FREE: Hydrophobic treatment (Water repellent)

FREE: EMR treatment (Dust repellent)

FREE: Spectacle case

FREE: Cleaning cloth

Anti-Reflection - Clear reflection free vision

Eliminating surface reflections on the lenses increases the light transmission through the lenses providing you with clear defined vision night or day.

Lenses appear thin and almost non existent, making your eyes look more natural Ideal for computer use and night time driving, to find out more click here.

Anti Smudge & EMR Treatment

Thanks to recent advance in the production of lens coatings, the surface of the finished lens is absolutely smooth, this means impurities can no longer stick to the surface giving you a clearer vision with enhanced clarity, to find out more click here.

UV Protection**

UVC: These rays are filtered out by our ozone layer which surrounds the earth so are not of concern to us

UVB: These rays are accountable for sunburn

UVA: These rays are possibly the most harmful, causing chronic damage to the eye, especially low dose exposure over a long period of time.

When selecting this additional coating you will be getting the maximum protection you require, to find out more click here.

Scratch Resistance

Unfortunately no lens material will be scratch proof, they would have to made of solid diamond to be completely scratch resistant! Nevertheless adding a Scratch-Resistant coating will extend the life of the lens preventing the small scratches that occur through day to day handling and cleaning. A scratch free lens means clearer vision, to find out more click here.

*Limited production range SPH ±6.00 and CYL ±2.00. Prescription frames with a curvature (base curve greater than 2) will affect the prices for lenses.

**All lenses with the exception of 1.5 and 1.56 clear lenses have 100% UV protection. Tinted, photochromic and polarised 1.5/1.56 lenses have 100% UV protection.