SelectSpecs Staff Achievements: Scott Goodwin

A massive well done to our very own Optical Lab Manager Scott Goodwin who has 5 pieces of his work shown in his first exhibition, after years of keeping painting, drawing and photography as a hobby.

Everyone at SelectSpecs has always been impressed by Scott’s creative flair and have been so pleased to hear of his work getting recognised.


Scott was actually approached by the exhibition’s organiser to take part, which is being held in Whitstable’s Horsebridge Arts & Community Centre from Wednesday 6th July to Tuesday 19th July.

Although admittedly nervous at first we’re glad Scott took the plunge to showcase his work!  He says:

My first ever exhibition I have focused on dusk as my subject, I find I am always in awe of this time of day, especially when I am near the coast, I love the light and warm colours emitted and no two sunsets are ever the same.

We couldn’t agree more, pop over to Whitstable to see Scott’s painting or maybe even make an offer.

From everyone here, great work Scott!

Emma (selectSpecs)

Emma is a graduate in Journalism and has a keen passion for Beauty and Films which makes for an unusual mix. Her commitment to these areas is second to none!

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