20 Million of the World’s Blind People Could See Again

Did you know that more than half of the world’s blind population could see again with the right treatment?

A shocking infographic from Focus Clinics shares some truly astonishing statistics about blindness and eye care across the globe, exploring why so many of the world’s blind never receive sight-restoring treatment.

There are many conditions causing blindness that are treatable, and in some cases, reversible.

Common conditions like cataracts steal the sight of millions of people all over the world, but can be cured very easily. In many instances,...   read more

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Glaucoma – Don’t turn a blind eye to the disease!

Glaucoma is categorised as a disorder that affects the function of the eye. The characteristics of Glaucoma produce specific signs and symptoms, and ultimately share a single common feature, progressive optic neuropathy (Damage to the optic nerve).  All manifestations of Glaucoma can result in progressive loss of vision if untreated, or undetected, eventually this can be potentially blinding.

Incorporating the Glaucoma’s as a group of diseases, they are now the leading source of visual morbidity, affecting more than 60 million people throughout the world.  What’s more, around 8.4 million...   read more

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