Ultra-Reflective Specs Prove Nightmare For Paparazzi

Way back when we all went a little goo goo for Lady Gaga. The pint sized star dazzled us all with her Poker Face. Then of course came her obsession with Paparazzi.

We all remember (or some of us do) when she wore that infamous dress made from carnivorous animals. Yet the meatilicious Gaga turned up the heat when she sung about those pesky paps chasing her all over town.

We are not saying that she’s a William Shakespeare in the making. But, she did have a point. And for many celebs from Adrian Brody to Zayn Malik, the paparazzi can prove to be their worst nightmare.

The camping out like Woodstock outside their properties as well as the close invasion of space. It aint all Hollywood red carpets and goody bags, oh no. But it seems that all is not lost when it comes to the struggle against those persistent photographers.


The argument whether celebs deserve all the spotlight is a never ending saga. Nevertheless, it is an unpleasant experience and can lead to serious issues. We have all seen Justin Bieber get involved in a number of different brouhahas with the paps.

But to have everything scrutinised to the nth degree including what you ate at Nando’s is really not ideal. Some go to many lengths in order to protect their identity such as hiding under coats and of course wearing oversized sunnies.

And sunglasses are the celebs natural friend as far as beating the paps are concerned. Hiding the flashes on arrival or departure is one way where sunnies come into their own.

However, some are fighting back in a bid to give themselves even more advantages over photographers.


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These particular materials are currently being developed by Scott Urban, a leading eyewear designer. And the nifty name for these super specs – Reflectacles! The concept is a simple one. According to Urban’s dedicated site;

“Reflectacles are the first collection of eyewear and sunglasses that reflect light. This allows Reflectacles to explode in an image or video on your mobile device with the flash or lets cars see you at night.  While Reflectacles appear brightly illuminated to others, your vision remains unchanged.  You can wear them with your prescription or as sunglasses.”

The sun may not be shining as bright with the nights drawing in. But you can still make a glittering appearance in a pair of these groovy glasses. These brand new specs are ready to cause a stir like never before.

The “Reflectacles” are made using highly reflective materials which are then wrapped around the frames. Consequently, if a pap is staring at these through their lens the result would be an all encompassing blinding light.

The manufacturing procedure sees the surface contain tiny spheres that are reflected literally in all types of direction.

Blue Reflectacles #glasses #sunglasses #eyewear #reflect #reflectacles A video posted by Reflectacles (@reflectacles) on

In addition, these mystical specs have the ability to be worn in a variety of situations. On the one hand, Reflectacles can be used when out and about running. On the other, they can be displayed when on your Bughatti bike or just out and about.

The high visibility materials ensure you will certainly be spotted in a crowd. Furthermore, with the amount of bikes increasing on the road, they can also be used in this instance.

This means for millions of cyclists, Reflectacles could eradicate the age old problem for many of visibility. For joggers, it means you don’t need to worry about running in the early morning fog or late into the evening. The multi functional specs are available in a range of colours including silver, red, orange, gold and even neon. Looks like it is almost time to shine.

Urban has unveiled the glasses as a scheme which has launched on popular crowd funding site Kickstarter. The question is whether the glasses will turn out to be an urban myth or urban legend.


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