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秋季促销 - 购买眼镜总价超过¥400可享受9折优惠 折扣码Autumn10





1). 仅适用于总价超过¥400的眼镜(或换算成本国货币)。

2). 不包含“买一送一”活动中的眼镜。

3). 每单仅可使用一个折扣码。

4). 订单总价值超£75即可享受超实惠的包邮服务。

Eyejusters Self Adjusting Eyewear

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Eyejusters Eyewear at SelectSpecs

Putting on a pair of Eyejusters restores your eye's ability to change focus. By simply turning our revolutionary hidden eyeDials™, you can change the strength of the lenses from +0.50 to +4.00 D, or to anything in between.

零售商 Eyejusters.