2017 Autumn Winter Trends

It’s that time of year again (I’m sorry, but where did January go?) where the new autumn/winter collections are being released by designers. And it’s looking fancy.

There are plenty of metallics, sparkles, and hand crafted designs going on this year.

More of an excuse to get dressed up!

And why not?

The catwalks are packed with seventies style trends – florals, corduroy, and soft pastel browns are all making a comeback.

Waist belts and leather berets are also making an appearance.

There are strong feminine vibes coming through in many of the collections; more decorative shoes, hand-crafted accessories, and feminist slogan tops have strutted down the runway.

So, in light of the change of season, here are the top five trends for the next season.

Let’s start stocking up our wardrobes!

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Think chainmail and sparkle, and you’ll be on the right track.

Silver glittery dresses are the new autumn go-to.

Of course, they’re perfect for a night out – why not pair it with a black faux fur coat for the ultimate glam look?

Metallics will also be coming in tops, too, so you could wear it more casually with a denim skirt or a pair of jeans.

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You can now turn your workwear into your daywear.

Tailored suits with synched-in waists and distinct shoulders are back from the eighties.

With such a sharp-looking outfit, keep your accessories simple.

A pair of round glasses will give it an urban twist.

These horn-rimmed glasses would go perfect with the outfit above.

The tortoiseshell patterned frame would match well with the colour of the suit while the gold arms would accentuate any jewellery you decide to wear.

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Feeling Blue

Dusky shades of blue were popular on the runway this season.

Wear with silver jewellery to dress the colour up, or keep it simple and casual and wear it with monochromatic colours.

Above, they wear a blue, thick, high-neck jumper – oh how wintery!

It’s making me look forward to snuggling up in front of the fire.

Paired with an oversized pair of aviators, the look is really brought together.

Try out the look for yourself with these Ray-Ban specs.

The light brown colour means you can mix-and-match them with other outfits too.

The rounded shape would be great for those with a more angular face shape.

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White Shoes

Stay out the puddles this autumn and winter as white shoes are now the new thing!

Perhaps not the most convenient for British weather, these shoes clip-clopped down the runway as the new 2017 trend.

The good thing is, you’d have a lot of freedom with the rest of your outfit; white goes with just about anything.

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Thigh High Boots

If white shoes aren’t for you, keep your legs warm with a pair of thigh-high boots.

You could wear them with a mini skirt as they do above, for an example.

The boots coordinate well with the pattern on the outfit and this is an important tip; as they’re such a statement piece, thigh high boots shouldn’t throw the rest of the outfit off.

Make sure you can match them up with something else.

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