Joey Graceffa: His Top Sunglasses Looks

With over 10 million subscribers, a charming personality and a cracking quiff, you could say that Joey Graceffa has it all.

This YouTube sensation is not going anywhere anytime soon, posting weekly videos of himself eating weird food on camera, partaking in different challenges as well as regular vlogs showing his daily life.

Graceffa joined the YouTube community in 2009 and since then, it is safe to say that he has become one of the most watched YouTubers on the internet platform racking up over 1 trillion views on the site.

As well as his main channel titled ‘Joey Graceffa,’ the 26-year old also has another self-titled channel where he uploads regular gaming videos.

It is clear that this young internet star is going from strength to strength within the online world.

Massachusetts born Graceffa is also recognised for having a very eclectic and bold sense of style which inspires male fans everyday.

Therefore, lets check out some of Joey Graceffa’s best looks from 2016 & 2017 to date.

Multicoloured & Fabulous

The first look from the YouTuber is certainly a different one!

Graceffa is looking so fly with this colourful combination.

A plain white tee has been paired with some simple jewellery to create this outfit.

However, the main focus are these awesome specs – so different yet so cool.

Check out this pair of similar Kolor Kaleido 1004K-11‘s to steal Joey’s style:

Kolor Kaleido 1004K-11

Striped Sailor

Graceffa is ever the trend setter with this simple yet print heavy outfit.

He is sporting a plain white tee and some mint coloured pinstripe shorts which are ideal for the beaming LA sunshine.

A navy striped scarf has been added to create a subtle print clash which surprisingly works.

To top it off, Joey is wearing some trendy specs in this shot which complete the look.

Steal Joey’s style with this pair of similar Emporio Armani EA4029‘s:

Emporio Armani EA4029

Casual Yet Chic

Another great look from the successful internet star.

Mr. Graceffa opted for more of a casual outfit here with a simple shirt and floppy brown trilby.

His shirt collar adds a splash of colour to the proceedings.

The look has been amped up with these on-trend sunglasses which look oh so fabulous.

Check out this pair of similar Tonny TS9172 specs to get Joey’s look:


Coastal Vibes

What a cool look from Joey!

In this shot, he is pictured with his long term beau wearing a bright blue patterned shirt for a couples day out.

His signature quiff hair-do and a pair of subtle specs complete this look.

Steal Joey’s style with these similar Ray-Ban RB3475Q sunglasses:

Ray-Ban RB3475Q

Daisy Dreams

The last and final look from Graceffa is a floral one.

The YouTuber has teamed a white tee with a bright floral shirt to make things more interesting.

Can we also talk about these awesome specs?

Steal his style with this pair of similar Dior Homme DIOR0210S sunnies:


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