My Experience With Wearing Glasses

When I first started wearing glasses, I was eleven years old. I remember squinting at the white board and leaving school with a headache.

So, when I was told I needed glasses, I was quite relieved.

Of course, being eleven, I really wasn’t too fussed about what style I wanted or what colour I should go for.

I chose a pair of red frames and didn’t think much of it.

It wasn’t until I reached secondary school that I started to become more conscious about the pair I had picked; they were bright red!

They no longer matched my school uniform and so I decided to change.

During this time, I started to feel more self-conscious about wearing glasses – not many of my friends wore them and I began to feel like I was ‘sticking out.’

Of course, I couldn’t help this – being short (or long) sighted isn’t anyone’s fault.

However, despite this, I started to leave them in my school bag.

And this is where the problems I’d had before started to come back. Except this time, it was worse! I struggled in lessons trying to make sense of the scribbles on the board yet I’d make out that everything was fine.

So, when I came to change my frames to something a bit less in-your-face, I sort of made a pact to myself that I would actually wear them, and start feeling more confident in them.

I opted for a pair of simple, black, rectangular frames that had ‘swirls’ down the arms.

I liked them and I did wear them a lot more often than my previous ones.

They stuck with me until I left my final year of secondary school.

They were so versatile and I felt fine wearing them in and out of school.

The frames below are fairly similar to the pair I had and I would recommend them to those who perhaps want their glasses to look more subtle.

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I left school, but before I started sixth-form, I started to wear contact lenses.

They almost completely replaced my frames!

I really liked the fact that I didn’t have to worry about what I wanted to wear, and whether my outfit would match my glasses.

However, when I started college, I started to get lazy with my contacts – they are a bit of a faff, especially at seven in the morning.

But, I wanted a change; I felt that now I’d moved on from my black frames, I needed something different.

So, I went for a pair of oversized frames, similar to the ones below.

I loved the fact that the shading gradually got lighter towards the bottom of the lens, which matched my hair colour perfectly at the time!

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I began to wear my glasses every single day, and loved them, too. They were just so easy to pair with any outfit and feel confident in.

I had them for three years or so – and still do go back to them every now-and-then for a change. They are such a nice shape and really suit my face shape.

It wasn’t until I started writing these articles earlier this year that I decided to buy a new pair, from SelectSpecs.

This was really just to change up my look a bit and to try something new.

So, I opted for these round, tortoiseshell glasses with silver arms.

And I love them.

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Nowadays, I really don’t mind wearing my specs; they can really add to my look.

Now that I’m at university, the less effort, the better, and these frames allow me to wear any sort of outfit with them.

They also go great with a pair of hooped earrings!

Yes, I sometimes go for a pair of contacts, but I know that when I do wear my glasses, I can feel confident in them.

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