Maluma’s Style & Sunglasses

Juan Luis Londoño Arias, best known by his artist name “Maluma” (Medellín, January 28, 1994), is a super famous Colombian singer songwriter.

Maluma’s brand of reggaetón merges smoothly with his image, managing to hit both romantic and raw notes.

As described by Billboard, his music represents a modern evolution of the latin genre.

Maluma is huge in Latin America, where millions of fans are completely in love with him; Justin Bieber style.

His fame started to reach the Western world thanks to his collaboration with Shakira titled, “Puro Chantaje.”

The song released in 2016 and had great success with over 1.6 billion views.

A star everywhere he goes; we cannot imagine a better combination of talent: romantic songwriter, latin lover, and style icon.

In fact Maluma is always in line with the latest fashion trends.

We have collected some of his best looks below to inspire you.

Felices Los 4

His latest track to be released is called “Felices los 4.”

Produced in combination with Marc Anthony, who is also featured on the single.

A salsa remix of his precedent songs.

Perfect for making this summer danceable, the rhythm and charming Maluma are definitively “caliente.”

Carducci Sun CD1051

horn rimed sunglasses men Carducci

Chic Maluma

Always elegant and perfectly detailed, Maluma, pictured above, maintains on point style.

A matching black shirt paired with black shorts and red Gucci slippers are a hot trend of the moment.

Gold accessories and a pair of Havana aviators give him an exotic touch that enhances his charm.

INVU B1411 – Men’s Collection

Aviator sunglasses

Party Hour

One of Maluma’s favorite pastimes is celebrating, as he is the life and soul of the party.

An elegant suit paired with a glittery jacket is the ultimate glamorous getup for the playboy that he is.

The oval sunglasses are the accessory to define this look, making him a bit more mysterious to his fans.

John Lennon JOS59

Jhon Lennon sunglasses

On Tour

Ready for a new world tour, millions of fans from all over the world cannot wait to see him perform and sing along to their favorite songs.

For all lovers of reggaeton, don’t miss this opportunity to hear him live.

Pretty Boy

A notorious pretty boy in his music videos, Maluma is pictured wearing a super stylish and colorful shirt with boho detailing.

Accessorizing with a key pendant and a pair of Versace sunglasses from the lastest collection.

Everything about this look screams cool and gives him a sophisticated bad boy vibe which suits him perfectly.

His musical talent combined with his personality and charm make him one of the most irresistible singers of the moment.

If you cannot sing like Maluma, at least you can copy his style with the shades below:

Versace VE4337

Versace sunglasses 2017

Let us know in the comment section below which of Maluma’s sunglasses you like the most

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