5 Cricketing Superstars Sporting Stylish Shades

Cricket Player Sachin Tendulkar

Sportsmen, particularly cricketers, have the most scrutinised lives of all. Every move they make, every breath they take, is closely followed by the media and fans alike, all waiting to see what they do next!

Turns out, they are just flesh and blood like us – surprise, surprise.  But here at SelectSpecs, we scrutinise an entirely different aspect of their lives – their style and more particularly their shades style quotients.

Take a look at these five cricketing superstars who have been upping the ante when it comes to sporting some seriously cool sunglasses. We also took the liberty of selecting some similar or inspired ones for you, you know, in case you get a case of fashion jealousy.

Chris Gayle

Champion, we a real champion! @djbravo47

A photo posted by Chris Gayle (@chrisgayle333) on

This West Indies cricketer is living the uber glamorous life – having glamorous parties on private boats, inviting supermodels onto his luxury cars and a hundred other things to make mere mortals jealous. So, it’s only natural that he would sport nothing but the most hip and trendy glasses. For instance, look at this picture; the designer glasses with a touch of gold and the neck bling? Such a Chris Gayle thing to do!

There’s something particularly Versace about them, similar to the VE4296 pair, that provides maximum protection from the harmful ultraviolet radiations of the sun that you are generally exposed to on an average day out in the town. Besides, they look super stylish and are perfect for a casual day out in some jeans and a white shirt. Versace VE4296 sunglasses at SelectSpecs

AB de Villiers

So much joy❤️ The best Christmas gift from above for @danielledevilliers and I. Dankie liewe Jesus A photo posted by AB de Villiers (@abdevilliers17) on

The current captain of the South African One Day International (ODI) Team is considered one of the best batsmen in the world. But did you see his Instagram account? It’s filled with adorableness. Look at this picture with him in some cool shades and his new baby boy!

Whilst his sunglasses could be a number of models we have our eyes set on this pair of JOOP 87183 designer sunglasses, ideal for those of you in tune with the hipster in you.  They’re comfortable, stylish and will look good on everyone, irrespective of their age and their facial bone structure.

Joop! 87183 sunglasses

Kevin Pietersen

Kevin Pietersen

Image Credit: commons.wikipedia.org

Kevin Pietersen is a man who loves himself some fancy sunglasses. And who can judge him for that indulgence, especially when you play a rough sport like cricket under hot sun? These reflective glasses offer maximum protection without blocking the wearer’s view, which is extremely important out in the field.

Behold, for we have found the exact same glasses for you – this incredible OO9181 RADARLOCK PATH from Oakley. If you are an active person who loves running, power walking, cycling, even going to the beach or basically anything outdoorsy, this set of glasses is just the thing that you need. They look sleek, ultra-modern and are unbelievably comfortable.

Oakley OO9181 Radarlock Path sunglasses Kevin Pietersen

Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar

Image Credit: Paul Jones (link at bottom of post)

Considered one of the greatest batsmen in the history of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar has inspired a generation of cricket enthusiasts. But he is just as much fun off the field as he is serious when on the field. Look at those casual pants and shirt ensemble with those laid back, don’t care glasses and of corse that million dollar smile.

Completely laid back and casual, they’re similar to the aptly named Ray-Ban Outdoorsman II that can also double up as some seriously sophisticated formal shades. Don’t believe us? Try it out with a suit or some tailored formal pants and see the results for yourself!

Ray-Ban Outdoorsman Sunglasses at SelectSpecs

Vasim Akram

Vasim Akram

Image Credit: commons.wikipedia.org

Vasim Akram is one of those rare people who manage to look at least ten years younger than he really is, and those glasses seem to help him quite a bit in doing that.

Unfortunately, his famous rectangular blue glasses are extremely difficult to come across. Nonetheless, we have some equally stylish and posh looking rectangular black RX5114 prescription glasses from Ray-Ban.

Link to Paul Jones image of Sachin Tendulkar.

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