Alexandra Daddario For Women’s Health Magazine ’17

Alexandra Daddario is an American actress and model, well-known for her roles in movies such as Baywatch, San Andreas, and The Percy Jackson Series.

The beautiful Hollywood star was chosen as the June 2017 cover model of Women’s Health magazine.

In the article, Alexandra spilled all the details on her physical fitness routine and views on the role that women have to play in all fields of life.

She confessed that her physical transformation came as a result of intense training and an increased appetite.

Daddario spent three whole months wearing a swimsuit, preparing for her role in the Baywatch movie.

Patrick Murphy was the trainer who helped to transform her slim body to a muscular one with tight abs.

Lets take a look at some of Alexandra’s best pictures from the photo-shoot for the Women’s Health magazine.


Alexandra is seen wearing a blue swimsuit with the caption – ‘Beach Please’

The actress had put on weight in a healthy way, and for the first time in her life, she started to lift weights.

This helped her gain muscle and form a sculptured body.

Her trainer, Patrick Murphy helped with the intense training sessions, guiding her through every activity involved in strength training.

Alexandra also consumed healthy food on a regular basis.

The whole fitness routine lasted four-to-five days every week.


Alexandra looks absolutely gorgeous in this picture for Women’s Health magazine.

The actress is seen wearing a reddish-rose swimsuit, looking like a sexy fitness model.

Since she has a fully-toned body, the swimsuit fits her perfectly.

This stunning picture is truly a fascinating sight for all women who like to be fit and strong.

Try out these shades to get as cool as Alexandra:


Alexandra is seen wearing an orange colored swimsuit, lying on the beach, posing for the Women’s Health magazine photo-shoot.

Yoga helped her stay focused, and it also to eliminate all sorts of worries from her mind.


Alexandra is seen smiling in the official cover of the Women’s Health magazine.

The blue colored bikini looks great on the perfectly chiseled body of the actress.

The strong abs of Alexandra Daddario are visible in this stunning picture, captured by photographer Eric Ray Davidson.

Her hair was styled by John D, and make-up done by Georgie Eisdell.

She had to re-vamp her fitness regime, modify her lifestyle and eat tacos on a daily basis.

Her routine workouts and dietary changes led to a muscular body transformation.

Alexandra was overwhelmed with excitement over discovering she had real abs after the completion of regular strength training.

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