Alissa Violet’s Coolest Sunglasses of 2017!

Alissa Violet best looks

Alissa Violet is the new sensation of YouTube, she can be considered the queen of vlogs among the new celebs. Started as a model her mediatic career quickly escalated with her Instagram profile and the 6 seconds video app Vine early in 2013.

She can count now on 6 million followers on Instagram and more than 2.9 million subscribers on YouTube. Her fans are eager to see her vlogs and apparently, it’s not only her beauty that captures her audience, her super funny and easy going personality has made her pop up from other YouTubers.

But as always beauty and personal style play a big role in fame too and her style is pretty unique and modern, combined with her model body she is for sure super stylish. And for us all that’s left is to envy her a bit and above all to copy her!

Let’s have a look together at her best looks and eyewear for this 2017.

Red vibes!


A post shared by Alissa Violet (@alissaviolet) on

In the snap above she is absolutely cool with a red and white striped jumpsuit, but what stands the most in this pic are her red sunglasses.

Squared and a little bit cat-eyed this red sunglasses are pure fashion and an accessory to not miss this fall.

Dolce & Gabbana DG4244 LOGO PLAQUE

D&G red squared sunglasses: Alissa Violet

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More Red…

Serving looks, whose hungry?

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We can assume that Alissa really loves red, and this also explains her passionate temperament and attitude… red is the colour of love and fire and she has them both!

Nevertheless this year red is really in vogue and a must for all the fashion lovers.

This time the chosen frame is round with a small vintage touch and a ’90 throwback, making this look even more gorgeous!

Ray-Ban RB3592

Red oval "Ray-ban" sunglasses Alissa Violet




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This time she has chosen a more elegant look: red top, black skirt with a layer of lace, and mouth printed slippers to add a rock touch to the entire outfit.

Again here the colour red is the major player of the look, and the black sunglasses are a deliberately added detail for the look, reflecting the latest accessory trends!


Diana Von Fustenberg black cat -eye sunglasses, Alissa Violet

Night Fever!

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One of my favourite looks of her is this black see-through mesh shirt with a silk red tank top classy and contemporary at the same time.

The cat-eye black sunglasses defined with some gold details are the chicest accessory you can buy this season, perfect for a night out or for special occasions to feel like a queen: like Alissa teaches us!



Jimmy Choo cat-eye sunglasses Alissa Violet


Night Fever 2!

an outfit that matches my heart

A post shared by Alissa Violet (@alissaviolet) on

Another fabulous outfit is this total black look: mini skirt, over the knee boots and oval black sunglasses; everything screams coolness in her style without doubt!

With a strong ’80 reminiscence, this disco outfit is ideal for catching all eyes on you and feel like an attractive model all night.

The oval black sunglasses can make the difference of every sexy outfit, they give a modern and sporty vibe to balance the overall look.

Tommy Hilfiger TH 1474/S


Tommy Hilfiger: black oval sunglasses Alissa Violet


Let us know which of Alissa Violet’s sunglasses do you like the most in the comment section below.

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