Alternative Bloggers: Our Favourite Sunglasses Looks

The power of YouTubers and bloggers is on the up, with more and more potential influencers joining the community every single day.

It can be said that they have overtaken the likes of former physical media influences such as magazines by posting their inspirational outfits and content on the Internet.

Popular YouTuber stars including Zoella, Tanya Burr, and Niomi Smart have all gained significant popularity over the years due to their infectious personalities and great style.

However, a lot of people tend to forget about the smaller influencers which still make their mark within the newly formed industry.

Social media inspirations such as Amy Valentine, Kayla Hadlington, and Leanne Woodfull are still relevant – even if they are considered to be more on the alternative side of the community.

This article is going to be introducing you to some of the smaller blogging personalities who are most likely going to turn your life around, influencing you to the max.

Kayla Hadlington

This quirky 24-year old has certainly received style points from us!

Kayla Hadlington is a blogger with a niche – a pastel themed style but with a rocky edge.

In this shot, she is sporting a baby pink illustrated tee with some simple denim shorts.

Styled up with a light blue pleather jacket and cute accessories, this girl certainly knows what she’s doing in terms of fashion.

Steal Kayla’s adorable style with this pair of Hook LDN HK012 – PAVILLION specs:



Amy Valentine

Alternative blogger/YouTube sensation Amy Valentine has certainly made her mark in the industry.

22-year old Valentine is best recognised for her distinctive pink hair colour.

In this photo, Amy has opted for an edgy outfit whilst out on her travels.

A snakeskin corset style crop and plain black shorts make an awesome outfit.

Black sandals, minimal jewellery and some bright purple sunglasses complete this look.

Steal Amy’s edgy style with these Oxford 109S specs:

Oxford 109S

Popcorn & Glitter

The next look comes from alternative blogger Sophie Elizabeth (aka Popcorn and Glitter).

She is most known for her regular colourful social media posts and great blog posts.

Elizabeth is pictured here wearing a fitted floral mini dress which is incredibly flattering.

She has styled the look with a buckled shoulder bag and blacked out sunnies.

Steal Sophie’s style with these similar MICHAEL KORS 0MK2024 ADRIANNA II specs from us:



Jessica Gutteridge

The last and final inspirational blogger is Jessica Gutteridge.

Since leaping into the blogging scene at the young age of 17, she has proved to be a strong contender in the community.

With her rememberable hairstyle and quirky fashion sense, she is definitely hard to forget.

In this shot, she is sporting a fabulous hair-do as well as an incredible outfit.

A plain tee is worn with a gingham dungaree dress which is really sweet.

This pair of stand-out sunnies really help to pull the look together – we love!

Steal Jess’s style with these similar MICHAEL KORS MK1020 INA specs to complete a great outfit:



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