BBC Stars: What Glasses They Wear

You may have been impressed by the list published with the highest BBC earners. Extravaganza is the best word to fit the celebrities of the world’s leading public service broadcaster.

The high-quality shows that we can watch on a weekly basis are our addiction, but there is life outside the TV screen.

BBC Celebrities shine 24/7 and they do not make an exception in terms of eyewear options.

Regardless of shades or glasses, it is a pleasure to watch them in the main event of the British fashion parade.


Chris Evans

Crack on dear friend. #chrisevanstopgear #topgear #ginger

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One of the high-rollers of BBC and a dominant presence in terms of TV shows, there is one fashion item which stands alone when it comes to Chris Evans.

Oversized glasses with large frames; a spectacular product put forward by Mr Evans.

There is a twin sister of his eyewear wonder: the Savannah 2444 in Black.

This product signifies simplicity and style combined with a mix of acetate frames and transparent lenses.

And the reviews tell a better story than I can: 4.6 stars out of 5.

Two words for you: Get them.

Tess Daly

You cannot ignore her beauty and her charisma.

Tess Daly is not only a co-presenter of Strictly Come Dancing, but also a fabulous fashionista.

The English model is well-known for her classy dresses worn during the TV shows, and her sunglasses are always on point.

With these oversized Havana sunglasses, Tess commands attention.

There is a chance to get this amazing look, and the answer is the Carducci Sun CD1047.

The best design of affordable stylish Havana lenses.

Vintage glamour, these frames are a genius asset if you want to be trendy yet wallet friendly.


Gary Lineker

Bit try hard?

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A football legend, and now, the face every football fan wants to see at 22:30 on a Saturday evening.

The host of the highly-rated TV show Match of the Day is not shy when it comes to fashion statements.

And he loves Ray-Ban as his Ray-Ban RB3016 – Clubmaster – Fleck is the definition of subtle elegance.

These glasses can be worn at the beach, on a casual day out, while playing tennis or with a nice fitted shirt.

The all-rounder character of the almighty Clubmaster is an asset which you can’t deny.


Ricky Gervais

#TBT That time I casually leaned on a railing.

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This star of The Office is an atypical presence in this collection; he will never pose as a fashion icon as Ricky’s intention is to make you laugh, not to steal your eyes.

But you can’t deny these mirrored lenses are just brilliant.

If you want to add extra style to your image, copy Mr Gervais’ option by trying the Ray-Ban RB2132 – New Wayfarer.

With rubber black frames and a modern design, these polarized sunglasses will make you the funniest guy in the crowd.

We all love Wayfarers and the best reason to buy these shades is the classic look that you’ll get.


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