The Best of Giorgio Armani

The best part of Giorgio Armani is pretty much that it is Giorgio Armani. Armani sunglasses are stylish, bold and straightforward.

Most of their frames are neutral in color and form, making them relatively easy to work into an outfit.

Here are 5 examples of some of Giorgio Armani’s best sunglasses and some ideas on how to combine them:

Bold & Full Framed

Chanel jumpsuit, Larsson & Jennings Lugano strap watch, Oscar de la Renta embroidered toe pumps

This pair of Giorgio Armani AR8085 sunglasses are bold and sophisticated. Pair them with a look that has a bit more depth in terms of detail or even layering to add a bit more interest.

The suggested look keeps the black theme but don’t be afraid to match it with colour. These sunglasses would look great if you replaced the black dress with a red one for example.

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Simple and Streamline

Henry London watch with crystals, Skew collar lace trim tshirt, Fear of God denim jeans, Burberry floral sneakers

These Giorgio Armani AR8051 sunglasses are the perfect pair to match with a casual look.

To be honest, they are good for any look because of the fact that they are stylish but neutral in colour and form.

They are a little less heavy than the first pair, which can make them a good addition without taking too much attention away from the look as a whole.

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Grey Tones

Calvin Klein pointed toe pumps, plain halter bow two-tier sleeveless shirt, black elastic faux leather flare skirt, Michael Kors stainless steel watch

These Giorgio Armani AR6033 sunglasses are a bit more unique, but just as sophisticated. The form will make them stand out.

If you want them to blend into the look a little more, try pairing them with a grey/black/white outfit to form a balanced look.

Alternatively, if you want to stand out a bit more, wear them as a contrast to a bold colour (for example an orange top and trousers).

The great thing about Armani is that the sunglasses can complement a look, but also be worked as a focal point.

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Oscar de la Renta square-neck sequined top, Brunello Cucinelli pleated cotton-blend maxi skirt, Nest jewellery gold plate and ebony bangle set, Stella McCartney abstract shape earrings

I love this pair of Giorgio Armani AR6043 because of their unique form and delicate frame.

They are slightly whimsical but so stylish, making it great fun to match with an outfit.

The gold frame makes it a great pair of sunglasses to go with an earthy-toned look. That being said however, it could easily match with any color.

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Embroidered vintage flare dress, Sydney Evan gold arrow pendant necklace, Cerasella Milano embellished pumps

These Giorgio Armani AR8072 sunglasses are great because they can work with both formal and casual looks.

That being said, they do have an element of uniqueness – the bridge and top bar are a bit more delicate than the black frame.

Though the suggested look is black and gold centered, feel free to try a few other colours. This could equally work with a more casual jeans and t-shirt combination.

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Hopefully after these 5 sunglasses you’ll love Giorgio Armani just as much as I do. The great thing about buying a pair of Armani sunglasses is that they can be worn with anything.

Though the style and colours are neutral, they are still so sophisticated. Choose a pair that works with your style and preference and then work with that.

You may want to try experiment with some colour this summer. Regardless of which pair you go for, or how you match your look, remember to have fun with them.

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