The British Royals’ Eyewear Style

She is the world’s current longest monarch and turned 91, last April 21. Ascended to the throne at the age of 25. Movies and a Netflix series, The Crown, portrayed Queen Elizabeth II as a timeless symbol of elegance and poise.

To celebrate her life and accomplishments in her long life, we are featuring her and members of the royal family.

Queen Elizabeth II

Let me know when you want me to take back America

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Her Majesty is widely known for her classic and polished style, always favoring her tried and tested staples of dress suits, pearls, block colors and headscarves.

When it comes to her glasses, she likes to keep it simple yet elegant. The Queen has been wearing Silhouette frames since the 1980s, and often opts for round lenses with a clean vintage style.

Her current pairs are made from a lightweight, semitransparent plastic and are the perfect mix between classic style (which pairs well with anything) and reflects her personality.

It frames her eyes perfectly without harsh lines. Metal and solid plastic frames often fit well on the older wearers.

SelectSpecs is currently selling the Silhouette TMA Icon (8130) was inspired by Her Majesty’s glasses:

Princess Margaret & Princess Diana

The late sister of the Queen has been long to be considered to be a style icon back in the fifties and sixties.

Margaret was fond of wearing designer clothes from Christian Dior among other haute couture designers. She hosted a variety of socialite parties in the island of Mystique and her London residence in Kensington Palace. She was fond of wearing the classic cat-eye sunglasses.  

Awhile, the late Princess Diana has been a style icon on her right. Looking through her pictures, in the 1980s and 1990s she was fond of wearing a pair or wayfarers or Jackie Onassis inspired sunglasses.

Years before she died, she would wear a pair of Versace sunglasses during her summer vacations in the French Rivera or during her engagements. 

Taking from their book of style, SelectSpecs are selling these lovely pair of cat-eye inspired sunglasses by Versace:

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Prince William and Prince Harry


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These royal siblings love to do sports, from the slopes and to the polo fields, and they love wear sunglasses. Growing up, the brothers loved to wear Oakley’s sporty wrap-around sunglasses.

Blending performance and style, the brand’s go anywhere, do anything sunglasses are perfect for Princes who have busy and hectic schedules.

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When it comes to glasses, William prefers for a minimal look with a simple black rectangular frames.

These are good option for people who like to a simple and a smart look which is ideal for both everyday wear and formal events.

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Awhile, we have not seen Harry wearing a pair of eyeglasses in public, rather sunglasses. He loves to wear semi-rimless and aviator shapes. These silhouettes work very well with his laid-back and casual preppy style and keep his look simple and timeless.

As the years passed by, the both of the royal brothers were fond of wearing a pair of classic Ray bans for an engagement with their dad, Prince Charles.

Duchess of Cambridge

The Duchess of Cambridge wore a £2000 bottle green dress from Dolce & Gabbana.

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Catherine is often spotted wearing her effortlessly stylish wardrobe with a pair of the classic RayBans Wayfarers.

Either sitting at the royal box in the Wimbledon, royal tour or relaxing with her family of four, the Wayfarer works well for every occasion.  A true eyewear staple, it compliments the Duchess’ elegant and modern style and helps lend an easygoing cool to her outfits. 

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