DJ of style: Diplo 5 electric shades to dance with!

Diplo glasses style inspo

Diplo is a well known producer and co-author of many of the hit songs of recent years. Whilst his list continues to grow his fame among the big names artists has grown with it. He has released tracks with Beyonce, Chris Brown, Madonna, Iggy Azalea, Usher, Arianna Grande, and Justin Bieber to name a few.

His name now is in the top electric dance charts, but above all he is recognized for his long-term collaboration with “Switch” which brought to the scene the “Major Lazer” label, making us dance to the remixed versions of our favourite songs all summer long.

His influence is everywhere, from music to fashion he is also a trendsetter among his peers, who love his music, and above all love his style and lifestyle!

He is a DJ of style indeed, and  according to the  “GQ” magazine he is the “most stylish man in the world right now” thanks to his wardrobe tailored for whatever city he is in and event he is attending.

We have gone through his Instagram feed to inspire you with his best looks and of course, his best shades!


Last night to burn

A photo posted by diplo (@diplo) on

Just in the beginning of September Diplo has been part of the most amazing event for the music lovers in the desert of Nevada, Burning Man. The shades chosen for burning the Nevada’s nights away are some new aviator shaped with a light grey gradient. If you want to copy his look try this If you want to copy his look try this

If you want to copy his look try this If you want to copy his look try this Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator you will feel his burning vibe for sure!

Ray-Ban sunglasses Diplo inspiration style

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? @gq Saidpur Pakistan A photo posted by diplo (@diplo) on

Here the cosmopoliDJn dj is wearing a kurta, when he was in Pakistan, perfectly matched with a pair of black Ray-Ban’s.

These round metal dark grey Ray-Ban RB3447  sunglasses will make every outfit look cooler and more stylish every place you go and whatever you wear.

round metal Ray-Ban sunglasses for men, Diplo in Pakistan inspo

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Little deep tech house on the Prairie ??

A photo posted by diplo (@diplo) on

For the techno lovers, in the above snap Diplo is wearing some round thick shaped black glasses super cool for a techno night.

If you want to feel his electric vibe try this violet shot on black Ray-Ban RB4222 sunglasses. round shaped sunglasses for men RAY-BAN Diplo

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#betogether @majorlazer @wild_belle (link in bio) A video posted by diplo (@diplo) on

From his collaboration with “wild belle” we had the hit “be together” where we can see him on a motorbike flaunting a rebel look and wearing a pair of stylish black rectangular shaped sunglasses.

If you also want to add a rebel touch to your outfit try this Ray-Ban RB3136, they are elegant but in the same time gives you a rockish allure.

Ray-Ban squared sunglasses Diplo inspo

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A photo posted by diplo (@diplo) on

Taken from the one billion viewed video “Lean on”, shoot in India, the snap above shows Diplo wearing again a kurta but this time with some black rectangular shades. The video is in the top ten most watched videos in internet and the song was the blockbuster hit of summer 2015.

If you want to feel the exotic vibe of Diplo’s “Lean on” look, try this brown version of the above sunglasses Ray-Ban RB3522 , they will make you feel irresistible in every occasion. RAY-BAN sunglasses brown gradient Diplo inspo

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Diplo’s music talent and sophisticated look has conquered for sure the attention of the public and he will continue to make us dance even harder for the coming winter. For the “Major Lazer” fan here is a piece of their last song, enjoy!

Let us know which of Diplo’s look do you like the most and which pair of sunglasses are your favorite, in the comment section below.

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