DJ Snake Taki…Taki Sunglasses!

Dj Snake is a Grammy nominated producer, and we all know him since “Bird Machine” and “Turn Down for What” in 2013, which has made us shake a little bit on that dance floor!

His fame and talent was made International with the production and  co-writing of the album “Born this Way” for Lady Gaga.

The famous collaboration opened the doors to the world stage. Two years later, teaming up with Major Lazer and MØ, he showed a more sensitive side on “Lean On,” and then with Justin Bieber “Let me love you” he was a romantic lover.

With a range that extends from earthshaking trap to lilting tropical house, his music style has a unique sound but uses lots of different rhythms and timbres and mixes various different genres, varying from electro to trap.


He is without doubt a talented and versatile artist that can do multiple different styles and his fame just multiply with every new single!

He makes really unique, solid and varied tunes and this uniqueness makes him special, to the point we can say that he doesn’t really have direct stylistic counterparts to be compared.

But if we really had to compare him to many of his chart-topping EDM peers, we can say that DJ Snake keeps a relatively low profile: he doesn’t do many interviews, and he’s rarely photographed without a pair of oversized black sunglasses!





The French-Algerian producer (born William Grigahcine in 1986) lets his music do the talking.

And since we all like uniqueness, dj Snake has managed to create a really big fanbase around the world and his Instagram has more than 6 millions followers.

Serengeti Premium Nylon LERICI

Serengeti Premium Nylon LERICI

Taki…Taki !!


His latest release”Taki Taki” has reached more than 850 million views on Youtube. Quite remarkable for such a young artist, which is relatively new in the scene of music.

Everyone seems addicted to this new song and we cannot stop playing it on repeat! The super catching rhythm has hooked us all…and of course Cardi B. and Selena Gomez has also put those spicy lyrics to rap on.

The song is total fire like the music video theme, and their looks are also “on fire”.

Dj Snake red leather jacket with the black/havana sunglasses is the most cool look of the moment!

Tom Ford FT0290 Rock

Tom Ford FT0290 Rock



So, we have to admit that what we  love as much as his music, it’s his super unique and cool style!

His signature look: denim/leather jacket and black sunglasses are a total must this year.

These Marc Jacobs black sunglasses are really stylish and perfect to be matched with every winter jacket.

Marc Jacobs MARC 186/S

Marc Jacobs MARC 186/S

Just to delight all dj Snake fans, we are finishing this post with the ” Taki Taki” music video…anjoy!

Let us know, in the comment section below which of the above shown sunglasses you like the most.

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