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Emily in Paris Chic Eyewear

After years of glamorous emptiness in TV series, “Emily in Paris” arrives to fill our need to dream and re-discover our passion for designer wardrobes. One of the most successful Netflix releases, online from October 2nd 2020, it is the most fashionable thing we can follow right now.


There are many reasons to start seeing it, and mostly are due to fashion. But we cannot forget also the timeless beauty of Paris and the complicated romance of our protagonist Emily, everything wrapped in a dreamy atmosphere.

For the chic lovers, the outfits of Emily and Sylvie are a true inspiration in matter of the last tendencies and trends.

Let’s have a look together to some of the most loved accessories by our actors from this fabulous series: eyeglasses and sunglasses!


As we stated earlier, “Emily in Paris” can be considered a modern fairy tale around the events of a Millennial who landed in Paris to work in a Marketing agency, who, like the iconic New Yorker played by Sarah Jessica Parker, could only show off an iconic wardrobe on the small screen.


What is peculiar to Emily’s style are the ultra-colored girly garments, with a strong pop touch pulled together in a sophisticated manner.

We can see in the caption above how colorful Emily’s look is, and her sunglasses are nonetheless less catchy than her overall outfit.

Mulberry SML069S

Mulberry SML069S

The pink cat eye sunglasses are a big must for this year, they can give a pop playful vibe to every outfit, and of course also an eccentric touch if you style them with a total black look.

Tom Ford FT0820

Tom Ford FT0820

In the caption taken from an Instagram Stories we can see also Lucas Bravo and Camille Rataz together with Lily Collins, having some fun on the set of Emily In Paris.

Lucas is wearing a pair of classic wayfarer black sunglasses, very modern and stylish for your everyday look.

If you want to feel like a French conqueror of hearts, you can try these Fendi FF M0086/S sunglasses and see if the magic is on.

Fendi FF M0086/S

Best Friends in Paris


Another cool Insta Stories is taken by Lily Collins with her friend on set and off set Ashley Parklady. Both of them are showing off two pair of eyeglasses and sunglasses respectively, very chic and elegant.

Lilly’s clear round framed glasses with a gold finishing, gives the look a nostalgic vintage allure. If you want to recreate her look, you can try these

i Wear i Wear 6065 glasses, they will give you an instant Parisian charm that everyone will be envious of.

i Wear i Wear 6065

Ashley’s glasses are almost the same in style and framed shape, but they are sunglasses. So if you prefer the sunglasses version, you can try these Icon 6180 sunglasses, they will give you the same chic effect we were talking before with some “extra” vibe added to it, try it to believe it!

Icon 6180

Let us know in the comment section below, which of the above super chic glasses do you like the most.

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