Eyewear Looks that Rocked the Grammy’s 2016!

Alabama Shakes accepting awards at Grammys

The 58th Annual Grammy Awards was one of the most memorable music award nights. On one side, everyone saw Justin Bieber tagging along his cute younger brother Jaxon to the awards ceremony, and on the other hand; Lady Gaga surprised everyone with her awesome tribute to David Bowie.

Taylor Swift made everyone sit up and take attention as she directly hit out at Kanye West during her acceptance speech for the Album of the Year award. So much for the events, let us now move on to fashion and styles that aced up and won our hearts with their looks. Few of the celebrities notched up their cool quotient with their glasses and shades.

Let us check out the top shades of glasses that piqued everyone’s interest on the Grammy Awards Night!

Clive J Davis

Two icons of the music industry, music executives @la_reid and @clivejdavis #GRAMMYs : Larry Buscarra / Getty Images

A photo posted by The GRAMMY Awards (@thegrammys) on

One of the movers and shakers of the music industry is Clive J Davis. His five Grammy awards and his contribution as an American record producer speaks a lot about his reach. His pre-Grammy party was the talk of the town too with all who’s who of the music industry attending it in full throttle.  

The Chopard SCHB29 might not be the exact shades Clive J Davis is wearing but its thin silver frame is perfect when you want to style up or add glamour to your regular look. Chopard SCHB29 sunglasses

Brittany Howard

The Alabama Shakes singer needs no introduction and with a powerful voice such as hers it’s no wonder she won the Grammy award for Best Rock Song and Rock Performance. Her trademark pair of big brown cat-eye prescription glasses add a touch of cuteness to her look.

Just like her cheerful personality, and her happy face, these pink-framed cat eye Tiffany & Co. TF2120B would be great for those women who wish to ditch their boring old glasses and try to reveal their fun personality. It has ornamental arms in silver and fiber reddish pink frame and arms to make you look geeky and chirpy at the same time.

Kendrick Lamar

Only at the #GRAMMYs 📷: Lester Cohen / WireImage

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The singer who rocked the Grammy’s with his performance is none other than Kendrick Lamar. He was nominated for the Best Song and Best Album of the year, but won award for the Best Rap Performance of the Year.

He is flanked by Taylor Swift and her friend Selena Gomez, seen wearing black square-rimmed glasses that gave him a serious look with a subdued rock star image. To get a pair this natural, our close match is the Savannah’s pair of glasses 2426, which is perfect to look professional in a stylish way. Savannah 2426 from SelectSpecs

Gene Simmons

The legendary Gene Simmons is here to party at the #PreGRAMMYGala! A photo posted by The GRAMMY Awards (@thegrammys) on

One of the richest music producers, singer and entrepreneur, Gene Simmons was seen at the Grammy’s with his arm draped around his date for the night, Shannon.

The stylish brown pair of RB3025 Aviator Ray Ban has a gold rim to suit all those who are young at heart, just like Gene Simmons! The pinkish lenses add to the beauty of the aviator giving a retro look, which you should try to spice up your otherwise normal day even if it is not for the Grammy’s.

Now that the list of top most stunning spectacles has been done, it’s time to give acknowledgement to the looks of Beck, Jack Andoff, and Skrillex who had styled up in their best, flaunting some of the clothes that would make people go wow! Their glasses just added some more spunk to their overall personality and made us look forward to the next year’s awards ceremony!

We must say that the 58th Grammys was indeed eventful and enjoyable. There were plenty of emotions running high, memorable acceptance speeches and even astonishing looks of the year to last a lifetime.

Ed Sheeran was lucky by winning the Song of the Year and Uptown Funk too won the hearts. So much for the entertaining and star-studded event of the Grammy’s presented for you!

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