The Fine Shades of Giorgio Armani ’17

Italy is a country in which being fashionable means being normal and choosing the right outfit is the equivalent of graduating from high school.

Through Italy’s various schools of art, luxury and fashion, the culture promotes fine tastes, attention to detail, and elegance.

When you say Italy, you also think about the well-known and luxurious fashion house of the designer: Giorgio Armani.

Apart from leather shoes, jewelry or watches, the brand provides sunglasses which represent flamboyant options for every gentleman around the world.

Without further a due, we present to you the collection of luxury and style – The shades of Giorgio Armani.


This pair of sunglasses is the epitome of decency and subtleness.

Every fashion choice is related to standards of elegance and style but the Giorgio Armani AR8081 is just brilliant.

Apart from the round and tinted lenses, the most fashionable feature is represented by the wooden frames which produce the perfect product for summer.

Part of Frames of Life collection, the AR8081 seems immortal and surreal as they guarantee a cool look.

Slimmed Aviators

We don’t get too far, as this item is also a part of Frames of Life collection. describes the hallmarks of Giorgio Armani sunglasses as Statement frames and simplistic styling.

Today, our star is the Giorgio Armani AR6049, the Aviators which generate a classic but overwhelmingly cool look.

With mirrored lenses and a thin metal frame, you can declare yourself a fashion icon if you choose to buy this product.

It offers you a top-class look and protection for your eyes through its plastic lenses.

Luxury has never been cheaper as you don’t need to pay more than £193.34.

Timeless Elegance

A gentleman is defined by being natural and relaxed when it comes to fashion.

And, it doesn’t matter if is summer or winter, day or night, a 100% transparent gray pair of shades will offer you the stylish flair.

The Giorgio Armani AR8066 is your answer to the fashion dilemma with elegant square lenses which are designed to assist you with your summer selfies.

If your fashion taste varies, you can opt for the navy or the brown version of the AR8066 but the result is also a guaranteed elegant and young style.

The Modern Look

We couldn’t ignore the desperate need of a gentleman for modern fashion trends.

In this case, we offer you the 2017 collection through one of its best ambassadors: Giorgio Armani AR6054. states that:

With no frills and state-of-the-art materials and craftsmanship, these men’s glasses stand for stylish design and self-confidence. AR6054 is a fashion statement, for which sunshine is not necessarily required, because these sunglasses enhance your natural radiance turning night into day.

Apart from bringing light into your outfit, this product is perfect as its design is innovative and also complex, but at the same time elegant.

With a combination of exquisite dark colors such as Havana, brown or light green, the buy button becomes a part of your bucket list for the next month.

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