Glasses Dos and Don’ts

We all pick up bad habits when wearing glasses, I know I have on occasion. Sometimes, these bad habits happen through mindlessness, stress, or even forgetfulness.

To take better care of your glasses and your vision, I have complied a list of essential DOs and DON’Ts for you to bear in mind.

Let’s start with what you shouldn’t do.

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1. DON’T clean your glasses with harsh chemicals or rough materials

Chemical products such as commercial glass cleaners or ammonia can really damage your lenses.

Stay clear of these solutions to keep your glasses in good condition and your vision unaffected.

As well as this, try not to use the end of your sleeve to rub the lenses – this can cause little scratches.

Try this cleaning kit below to keep the smudges off without harming your specs.

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2. DON’T put your glasses lens-side down

It’s the end of a long day and you’ve just put your book down to go to sleep.

In your slumber, you put your glasses down too, lens side down.

Stop right there!

Putting your specs face down can scratch the lenses, and no one wants that.

Ideally, putting your glasses in a case will protect them even more, especially if you accidentally knock them off the side in your sleep.

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3. DON’T wear glasses with the wrong prescription

Seems obvious, but make sure you have the right prescription.

The quality of your vision can change over time so make sure you have regular checks at your opticians.

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4. DON’T bite the arms!

Admit it, we all do this from time to time!

Of course, this damages the frame, but it can also lead to the glasses sitting ‘wonky’ on your face as they get bent.

This can’t be easily fixed, so watch out next time.

Let’s move on to what you should be doing.

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5. DO match your glasses to your outfit

If you want to look sharp when you’re out and about, a great tip is to get a couple of pairs of glasses to allow you to match them to different outfits.

For example, you could opt for some circular frames for an urban style, which matches well with the denim skirt above.

They would also work well with circular jewellery as above to bring the look together.

Shop this look:

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6. DO wear the right shape for you

As a general rule, circular frames suit those of you with a more angular face shape, and angular frames suit those with a more circular face shape.

So with that in mind, you could ask your optician for advice, and try on a whole range of styles to get to know what works for you.

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7. DO wear them with confidence!

Finally, and most importantly, wear your glasses with confidence!

You’ll know when you’ve got the right pair for you when you leave the house feeling great in your specs.

Why shy away from them when they can really add to your look and give you your original and unique style?

Think of them as an accessory!

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