Taylor Swift’s New Music: Look What You Made Me Do

No one has been more talked about recently than the infamous Taylor Swift, with her social media disappearance and then the release of her new music video, Look What You Made Me Do.

Rumors about secret meanings in both her lyrics and the visuals of the video, the use of snakes for example, or dollar bills and iconic outfits from former stages in her life, have all been widely debated.

Here’s a break down of several looks from the video, as well as some signature Taylor looks.

A textured, square necked fitted sweater, in a muted red, polka dot skinny jeans in a matching hue, and the coolest crisp white cat eye sunnies, pair with some quirky pompom flats, and a matching clutch for best results, some T.

Swift attitude wouldn’t go amiss, either.

Go, girl.

Sometimes I don't even have captions #indianswiftie #taylorswift

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A floral, keyhole cutout, mini dress, in electric blue with yellow details, a yellow floral headband to tie in with the theme, signature Taylor bright red lipstick and some vintage inspired Mary Janes with bow detail in jade.

Tying into the vintage theme, add a black silver detailed structured handbag and throw on a pair of bright yellow Givenchy sunglasses if you’re out and about shopping like Miss T.

Grandma chic at it’s best.

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"Blind for love" 💚

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Burning piles of cash aside, this look is everything you need for Autumn.

Maroon thigh highs in metallic pleather, a matching metallic lip, and an oversized sweater dress with sequin detailing; a tiger and some florals, add a pair of semi rimless red cat eye specs, and you’ll be ready to take down your haters too.

Channel old school Taylor in hipster specs and a graphic tee, whether it is adorned by the names of your squad or your favourite band is completely up to you.

Mix with a pair of mum jeans and canvas flats.

A backpack with patch detail would complement the look perfectly.

Now you’re all set to bring back classic you for a walk down memory lane, or be as retro as humanly possible.

#TaylorSwift wears a #BALMAINSS17 dress for the #LWYMMDvideo #BALMAINARMY

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A woman in a red dress is making history, and T.S. is no different.

This Balmain masterpiece had bell sleeve and cut out details, snake jewelry, the classic red lip, and hey, why not throw in a cuppa, just don’t spill the tea (double innuendo, much?).

These glitter adorned specs will make it easier to check your enemies’ names off your list.

Hey 😸 Damn why did I get so little likes on my last post 🙁 today wasn't that great tbh, but it was alright too haha Did ya know that Evancence (my school friends favourite band) is realesing there album on November 10th and also Amy Lee (the lead singer of that band) birthday is on the 13th of December lol ~ Also this is super random but Ed legit slays… I keep watching his live performances and they are so amazing. ~ ~ #QOTD Do you like Evancence? // Cadbury or Lindt chocolate? // Do you go to a public or private school? #AOTD Yeah/ both but I prefer Cadbury/ Private ugh but it's seriously the shittiest school everrr | | | comment 🔮 or emoji to be tagged in my next post – – – – @taylorswift @shawnmendes @taylornation #taylorswift #taylor #swift #swiftie #fearless #speaknow #red #1989 #reputation #shawnmendes #shawn #mendes #handwritten #illuminate #memes

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The ever gorgeous Taylor, seen here in a simple black tank top, a crossbody bag, and reflective orange sunnies, looks effortlessly glam whatever she wears.

With her blonde bob, often vintage, eclectic style, and air of sophistication, the Swifties (her fans) love her, and even her haters just add to her fame.

She is a force to be reckoned with, and nothing can keep her down.


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