How To Rock Glasses During A Workout

If you wear glasses day to day, then it can be frustrating when you decide to do some exercise or workout.

Do you or do you not wear your specs?

What style should you go for?

How can you make sure they stay put whilst you get your sweat on?

But fear not, we have compiled together this handy how-to guide on how you can rock your glasses during a workout.

Also, take a look at two of our favourite fitness gurus wearing their specs and find out how you can copy their look too!


Make like Fitness Instagrammer and YouTuber Carys and match your leggings with your specs!

Carys looks awesome in her Gymshark leggings, white cropped t-shirt, and trainers.

Her black glasses work well with the rest of her outfit and are shown off with her super cute high ponytail.

Get her glasses look with the Hallmark E9855.

We love the simple wayfarer design and the thin black frames, which make these the perfect pair for your regular workout.

Hallmark E9855

Hallmark E9855


Jess from @jautfit looks stunning in her matching two piece and her black framed glasses.

Jess proves that you don’t need to match your clothes to your specs – sometimes contrasting colours can make more on an impactful look!

Jess shows off her gorgeous specs with pretty double french braids in her hair.

Take a Towel

Once you start getting sweaty, your glasses are very likely to slide off your face.

One way to prevent this from happening is to keep a towel with you and regularly dry off your face.

You can buy special workout towels which are very lightweight and small but extremely absorbing, so be sure purchase one of these.

Consider a Head Strap

If you do lots of high impact exercise such as running or aerobics, then you might want to consider attaching a head strap to your glasses.

These simply attach to your temples and fit around the back of your head, and come in a huge variety of different colours and patterns.

They will keep glasses in place throughout the duration of your workout.

They are quite subtle too.

Think About Wraparound Glasses

Wraparound glasses are a great option if you need to wear glasses when you work out.

They are specifically designed to give you a fantastic field of vision, which is great if you play sports where you need to see what is going on around you, like netball or football.

The Oakley OX8031 CROSSLINK SWEEP feature a wraparound design and a soft grip material, which will prevent them from sliding off your face.

We love the pop of lime green on the temples, which really makes them stand out.



Try Out Eyewear Wax

Did you know that you can actually buy glasses wax which will help you glasses stay put on your face?

Apply this wax along the inside of the frames and particularly around the nose.

Keep it in your pocket and top up when necessary.

Clean Glasses After Your Workout

Be sure to clean your glasses after every workout to prevent a build up of sweat, dirt and grime.

Clean them delicately under warm, soapy water.

This will prevent them from discoloring and becoming a haven for bad bacteria.

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