The Great Gatsby: Vintage Sunglasses

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The “Great Gatsby ” is one of the most loved and successful movies of our generation.

A perfect combination of romantic drama and visual effects, onlookers swooned, laughed and cried throughout this epic film starring heartthrob Leonardo Dicaprio.

The movie is set in the roaring twenties where a fast growing economy in New York is the background for a love story.

Mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby returns to woo his unforgotten love Daisy Buchanan, who has already married another: Tom Buchanan.

glasse-movie-vintage-great gatsby

Apart from the beautiful love story and tragic ending, the extravagant and glamorous parties thrown by Gastby to recapture Daisy’s heart were forever imprinted in our memories.

The movie also won”Best Costume Design” for the splendid dresses and outfits flaunted throughout the movie.

After being mesmerised by this fantastic portal into vintage life, we decided to showcase the best ’20s style sunglasses, still in vogue today.

Vintage glamour

vintage great gatsby glasseHere, Pammy Buchanan is pictured with Nick Carraway (narrator of the story) before one of the most important scenes of the movie where Gatsby and Daisy want to confess their love to her husband Tom.

The scene is characterised by a fast and furious drive with luxurious vintage cars and glamorous outfits. Above all, Pammy shines with some seriously stylish havana round shaped sunglasses.

A retrò-chic accessory for spring, these are a style steal of Pam’s Look: Celine CL 41082/SSophisticated and vintage chic.

If you want a more modern version of her look, try the Tommy Hilfiger TH 1187/S

Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses

retro sunglasses great gasby

The rich, arrogant, and selfish Tom Buchanan (typical bad guy & husband of Daisy) wears very refined and sophisticated sunnies in the film. The Ray-Ban RB3475Q sunglasses are a perfect representation of Tom’s personality: refined and full of confidence!

A beautiful contrast between dark brown & gold and light brown lenses which will not go unnoticed.

Ray- Ban Great Gatsby sunglasses inspo

Gastby’s Retro Chic

great gatsby-sunglasses-inspo

And now for the sweetest character, our beloved great Gatsby: the man who loved a woman like all women want to be loved.

With remarkable taste and dapper outfits, his manners and style are those of a real gentleman. Fellas take notes!

Another important accessory in his wardrobe are the super stylish round shaped sunglasses. A beautiful combination with crisp suits.

Try the RETRO 58 sunglasses if you want the “perfect gentleman” look.

retro Retro 58 brown sunglasses

Tell us, in the comment section below, which of these “Great Gatsby “sunglasses are your favourite and which you would like to try immediately!


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