Idris Elba: World Class Fashion Icon

If England has to choose an outstanding London-born gentleman, Idris Elba is the right answer. A magician on stage as he steals the show with his performances and artistic creations, the actor became famous after his role in the series The Wire or Luther. He is a fashion icon from A to Z.

People are in love with Mr. Elba and Hollywood is already talking about him as a serious candidate for the next James Bond movies.

His style is impeccable, flawless and accurate and his name will always be found in the dictionary of style at ‘diversity”.

It is crazy to predict his outfits as he masters every piece of clothing with ease.

Sporty Casual

The collaboration between the brand Superdry and Idris speaks for itself.

As a matter of fact, the items designed by the actor are widely recognized as cool and comfy, while providing simple choices for casual.

With a pair of jeans, every T-shirt or jacket from the Idris Elba collection is in heaven.

Suits At Their Best

There’s no need to say he is an all-rounder in terms of style. said that Idris Elba is one of the best-dressed men in the game.

And when you’ve got this tag attributed to your image, there is no room for mistakes. It can be an expensive Prada suit as he wore for the movie premiere of  Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom but this is not the bottom line.

He knows how to choose suits, as Idris is not afraid of combining styles, whether is a suit with a neck jumper or with shirts and ties.

Elegance A+

We can totally agree this is a style which appeals to all of us as the waistcoat and the tie are part of the ”elegance kit.”

One of the biggest lessons offered by the actor is the need to keep it classic and simple. There is nothing bad in a black and white formal attire, it actually brings out the best features in a gentleman.

Long Sleeve + Short Chinos

#YourThoughts 🤔 Should 44-year-old actor #IdrisElba be the next #JamesBond007?

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When talking about his off-duty style, the Brit confessed: The only thing I change mainly is my sneakers. I love sneakers. 

And if outside it’s a good weather for short chinos but you want to be cool as well, check his outfit.

The jumper and the watch create the idea of elegance and generate a powerful impact on the viewer, the duo of shoes and chinos is the epitome of casual and cool. Combine everything with a bit of Italian sockless style. Spot on!


It's game day! I'm here at the #Guerrilla premiere with @skyatlanticuk. Wearing @idrisxsuperdry #BOOM

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There is nothing crazier than a mixed outfit for a premiere gala event. Just take a look at this outfit – dark colored pieces of clothing, funky shoes, a brilliant jacket and some shades.

As we can agree, he is never afraid of being the odd one out although we would have expected a black suit with sneakers.

This is simply exquisite and if you want to copy his eyewear choice, go for the Ray-Ban RB2140 Original Wayfarer Polarized. It is a cool item and a genius choice for every occasion.

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