Insta Style: Kitty Cotten’s Glasses Style

When it comes to chic Instagram accounts, when I’m looking for interior inspiration or just a lovely calm space to reflect in, I often think of Kitty Cotten’s account. She is a lovely, down to earth American who lives in Minneapolis and lives in a stylish suburban home with her husband Joel and their new baby daughter Harriet. I used to watch Kitty’s YouTube account way back when, when I was at university – back then she used to do hairstyle and makeup videos of which I was in desperate need. Since then she has gone on to purchase a house with Joel and document the renovation of their house through her YouTube channel and her Instagram page. When she announced her pregnancy last year, the account began to include interior design tips for a home with a young baby as well as tips and her experience of a vegan pregnancy.

Kitty is a very chic, boho style of a lady and her account is full of white interiors, natural wood furniture, and relaxed, stylish fashion – she uses a capsule wardrobe and encourages followers to live a more minimal life for better peace of mind. All in all, her account is a lovely place to lose yourself for an hour or two!

Bearing this in mind then, I thought it would be nice to explore a little, introduce you all to her account and see how you can emulate her glasses style this summer!


This is June, Kitty and Joel’s adorable pet cat. She is so sassy (see some of her video’s for June cameos!), but also very cute and fluffy! Here Kitty is doing what we’ve all done before . . . try to get a cute picture with our pets and then fail because they won’t sit still or look at the camera. They do say never work with children or animals . . .  Having said that though this is a super cute photograph, and shows us one style of eyewear that Kitty loves – the semi-rimless tortoiseshell look. In this photo, she has styled these vintage looking glasses with a straw hat and geometric print top which gives the overall look a very light, summer chic look that is bright and airy whilst still adding some depth with the injection of the darker colours.

Kitty is wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses here, and at SelectSpecs we stock the same pair of glasses, the Ray-Ban RB3016 Outsiders – ClubmasterThese glasses are really great quality and at just under £90 are a great middle of the road pair in terms of price – they’re not cheap, but they’re also not super expensive. Grab yourself a pair from SelectSpecs with free single vision lenses, grab (gently) your pet dog or cat, and get snapping your pet selfies this summer!

ray ban clubmaster

Ray-Ban RB3016 Outsiders-Clubmaster


Something a bit Different

This photograph is from way back in 2015, but I simply had to add it to this article as the glasses are so fabulous and the whole post sums up one of the reasons why I like Kitty’s account so much – she enjoys good wine and exploring new places in a relaxed, natural way – no overly stylised, glamorous shots here, just a gal enjoying a lovely cool drink of wine! She has paired these awesome geometric glasses with a straw hat and grey t-shirt in another relaxed and light weekend look.

Whilst we don’t have the same glasses as the ones Kitty wears in the above picture, we do have a range of high-end designer glasses which are unusual in style and have a more unique silhouette to them. For example, I really like these Prada PR 53TS sunglasses, as they have a similar geometric look to them as Kitty’s, and they also have thin metal rims so they’re similar in that way too. They’re not the cheapest glasses, but they’re sure to turn heads!

prada pr 53ts sunglasses

Prada PR 53TS


New Mom Chic

Yes, I know we spell Mom with a ‘U’ in the UK, but for Kitty, who recently became a mom for the first time, I thought we could make an exception. Since the birth of baby Harriet in April, Kitty has been sharing a few pictures on her account of her and Joel’s experiences of being new parents, and the pictures are super cute! Kitty tends to dress Harriet in very gender neutral clothing, and in natural materials, and the result is both adorable and refreshing to see.

In the above picture Kitty is wearing another pair of Ray-Ban glasses, but this time they are a larger, more square shaped lens with full metal rims. Whilst we don’t have the exact pair available on the SelectSpecs website, we do have these lovely Ray-Ban RB3475Q sunglasses which are a good dupe for the ones Kitty is wearing as they have the same oversized lenses, they have a metal bridge and side arms, and are light in construction like hers. They’re perfect for combining with a pair of skinny jeans and an oversized shirt like Kitty has done, for a relaxed weekend look – perfect for hanging out with family and friends.

ray-ban rb3475q sunglasses

Ray-Ban RB3475Q

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Which of Kitty’s looks is your favourite? Let us know on social media! If you have time for another article, why not discover some more amazing Instagram accounts with this list of awesome glasses wearing Instamums!


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