Styling Bold Hair and Glasses

Wearing bold colours in your hair used to be a case of “go big or go home”! If we go back ten years or so, most bold hair people identified with a more alternative group of people, bold coloured hair was not seen in the mainstream media and it wasn’t particularly healthy for your hair. In recent years, however, bold coloured hair has had an upsurge in popularity – techniques for healthier ways to colour hair have been developed and most people dye their hair responsibly now so that their hair remains in good condition whilst also sporting the bold colours they want.

When it comes to styling bold coloured hair with clothing and accessories, there are several different routes you could go down from the alternative look to a more on-trend style. We think all bold hair is amazing at SelectSpecs and particularly think that if it makes you feel confident and fabulous then there isn’t really a right or wrong way to do it!

For those of you who might have contemplated dyeing your hair a bold colour but have so far been put off either by indecision over which colour to choose or how to style a new ‘do’ with your eyewear, I thought we would look at some accounts on Instagram where people have dyed their hair bold colours and how they then styled their eyewear around that look. Confidence is one of the most important things as having bold hair can attract lots of attention and so we’re hoping that at the end of this article, you’ll have been given a little bit of inspiration and maybe the confidence to try something new yourself.


Multi-coloured & bold framed

In the below picture, @Jesselynn909 is showing us her amazing tri-colour hair. In the caption, she says “I feel like a my little pony” and we can totally see why – this look is definitely on the bolder end of the spectrum but we think it’s awesome! By starting off with a lighter colour at the roots, Jesselynn has ensured that the overall look isn’t too heavy, so it doesn’t overly dominate her face. The pink and purple tones really complement her tattoos which also feature these colours.

What Jesselynn has also cleverly done is pick an eyewear style that is simple and bold. She has opted for a plain black framed rectangular-shaped frame with little elements of white. What this does is stop her overall look from being too “busy” and the darker tones work with the darker tones in her hair as well as her tattoos. Overall we think she looks incredible and we love the glasses she has chosen!

At SelectSpecs we sell a lot of rectangular black-framed spectacles, but we have selected the Oxford OXF 2112 glasses as they are a very similar shape to the ones in the above picture. They’re also quite thick-rimmed and have a bit of white detailing in the side arms. They’re also under £100 so they’re a cheaper option of eyewear.

Oxford OXF 2112 glasses

Oxford OXF 2112


Colour Coordination

In the below picture, @Vanessastylesyou has chosen to colour coordinate her eyewear and hair colour. This bold pink colour is both vibrant and yet really feminine at the same time. The colour starts off brighter at the roots and then fades in a subtle ombre style towards the ends, giving definition and depth to the colour. The light curls keep the look feminine and with the addition of the accessories, helps to give the overall look a very boho-chic feel. This would be the perfect look for Coachella or any other festival you might be attending this year!

In this picture, the model is wearing an aviator style of sunglasses which have mostly pink tones to match with the bold hair colour. The effect is very chic and put together, whilst also retaining a bit of whimsy. We also like the fact that the metallic detailing in the sunglasses is the same metal as the necklace – overall pulling the look together. We stock aviator sunglasses from various different companies at SelectSpecs, but we think these Fendi FF 0286/S sunglasses are an almost identical dupe for the ones in the above picture. They have a pink tone lens and light gold coloured metalwork. They’re a luxury purchase, but they would be perfect for your festival season!

Fendi FF 0286/s sunglasses

Fendi FF 0286/S



Bold doesn’t always necessarily mean colour, and Instagrammer @possumluke has shown that this style can still be bold when he recently styled a young man’s hair to a bleach blond colour using Olaplex which is the new product which can safely remove colour from your hair. This look really suits the guy and proves that you can be bold and stand out even with an anti-colour!

We particularly like the fact that the guy in the photograph is wearing a pair of sunglasses which complement the yellow tones in the hair colour! It’s subtle enough so that the glasses don’t overly dominate his face, and we also like the geometric shape to the frames which is more unique and so adds to the style of this look. We don’t have any geometric shaped yellow glasses at SelectSpecs, but we do have these amazing Oliver Peoples OV5314SU Delray Sun sunglasses which are a real luxury pair. They have a translucent yellow frame to them and reflective orange/yellow lenses which will complement an anti-colour bold hair look.

Oliver Peoples OV5314SU Delray Sunglasses

Oliver Peoples OV5314SU Delray Sun


Transparent Bold

Sometimes, less is more, and the lady in the below picture has chosen to go with a more muted colour for her eyewear, rather than a bold colour or shape. What this means is that the bold blues and greens of the front section of her hair, the section that is also closest to her glasses, is allowed to stand out and be the statement. This hairstyle has been dubbed by the owner of the photograph as “succulent hair” as it picks out the greens, blue and black of a succulent and runs it through the front section as a balayage. She has kept the back section of hair a lighter, more natural blond colour, and this also helps to tie in the natural tones of her eyewear.

We think this look is amazing – especially with the glasses which really seem to finish off the overall look. Transparent frames are also very on trend at the moment and so we have a number of this style of frame available on our website. We think though, that the Hook LDN HKS003 – Park Life glasses in this grey colour are a good dupe for the ones in the above picture as they have that muted, transparent look whilst also being oversized so they won’t get lost on your face. They are also under £100 so they’re a great budget option!

Hook LDN HKS003Park Life glasses

Hook LDN HKS003Park Life

Which of the above looks is your favourite? Let us know on social media! Fancy another article? Find out how you can style your wedding dress and glasses for a chic, on-trend look for your wedding day!

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