Deepika Padukone’s Vibrant Sunglasses

Deepika Padukone Sunglasses Style
Deepika Padukone Sunglasses Style

Deepika Padukone, the beautiful actress from India, is well-known for her mesmerising on-screen performances, cute expressions and exquisite fashion-sense. Having become the highest paid Indian actress and a globally popular star, it’s evident that Deepika is in the highest peak of her film career right now.

The reigning ‘Queen of Bollywood’ follows a simple yet elegant style in real life, choosing outfits and accessories which define her personality to the fullest. It’s no wonder that millions, including us, are followers of Deepika’s unique style, given the fact that every ensemble looks great on her. We’re also impressed by Deepika’s high-profile eyewear style which works its charm by giving her a ravishing appearance.

Often seen sporting a pair of stunning sunglasses to complete her delightful looks, the star gives us the inspiration needed for getting a stylish makeover.

Read on to find out our favourite looks, and get inspired by Deepika’s exquisite eyewear style!


Classic Blues

Deepika looks as amazing as ever in the picture, sporting vibrant blue shades from her favourite Vogue Eyewear collection.

The simple laid-back hair-do and red lip gloss adds extra glamour to her appearance, thereby making this our most favourite one from the collection.

We’re loving this cute makeover from Deepika who decided to triumph in blue with absolute class.

Glowing like a shiny crystal ball, the Indian beauty matched her blue attire with stylish Vogue shades. A perfect blue combo to steal the spotlight! We bet that this one’s your favourite too!

The stunning Vogue VO2941S sunglasses can help you match Deepika’s look. These high-profile shades serve as the best accessory to pair with your daily wardrobe. Grab them below to style your look!

Vogue VO2941S



Sassy Style

It doesn’t get any better than this! Posing for a magazine photo-shoot session, Deepika Padukone looks great sporting dark oversized shades to style her casual look.

Casually sitting on a black Vespa amidst a natural setting in the background, it’s a super-cool look from Deepika. The dark sunglasses go well with her chic casuals, wavy hairdo and classic bracelets. Overall, it’s a complete sassy look in her signature style!

Steal Deepika’s style by using the MICHAEL KORS MK2045 JAN sunglasses available at SelectSpecs. We bet that this classic eyewear would go well with any casual attire.


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Sizzling Aviators

Deepika Padukone looks her absolute best sporting a sexy sequin dress paired with cool aviators. The picture takes us back in time when Deepika arrived for the Kingfisher Calendar Girl 2011 event held in India.

We totally adore Deepika’s look in this shot, posing with elegance and grace, showing us that she’s a superstar even in real life. To sum it up, it’s a top-class shot with the dark brown sunglasses being the icing on the cake.

Grab these Fendi FF 0286/S sunglasses to look as stylish as Deepika. The classic aviator sunnies serve as an essential accessory for enhancing your style quotient.

Fendi FF 0286/S


Eternal Beauty

Deepika Padukone redefines eternal beauty in her signature style by opting for brown cat-eye shades to style her attire. Arriving at a public event, Deepika looks absolutely marvellous in the picture shown above.

We guarantee that this is one of the best shots featuring Deepika Padukone in her ultimate best. Sporting a white casual attire with prints, Deepika looks so heavenly that we just can’t stop admiring her beauty. Not to mention her wonderful cat-eye sunglasses which adds extra appeal to the look.

Get Deepika’s look by using these stunning shades from William Morris London SU10008. The vintage frames of these cat-eye sunglasses make them perfect for everyday use.

William Morris London SU10008



In the Pink

The throwback picture shows the stylish diva in a pink chic tee with a tweety bird print.

Deepika’s cute smile with her sweet dimples, stylish brown locks and over-sized shades steal the spotlight in this vibrant shot, taken during the early years of her film career. The big round frames works its charm by adding more glam to the chic attire. As the captions say – ‘Just So Sassy’!

We bet that you can match Deepika’s chic style by using the classic Infinity S9353 shown below. These lovely sunglasses would look great when matched with rich, colourful attires just like the one sported by Deepika.

Infinity S9353




Gorgeous in Green

One of Deepika’s classics from the Vogue Eyewear photo-shoot!


This is vintage Deepika at her absolute best, posing with utmost ease and elegance. Sporting a sexy green attire teamed with cool cat-eye shades, Deepika certainly proves that she can rock almost any look in her signature style.

Set in a natural background, Deepika’s cool hairdo and dark sunnies steal the spotlight in this radiant shot. Accessorised with two shiny golden bracelets and a ring, it’s a completely elegant makeover that portrays her natural glow.

Go green in style, and steal Deepika’s look by using these trendy Vogue VO5050S sunglasses to match your attire.

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