Is Rihanna About to Launch Fenty Sunglasses?

Could the rumours be true? Could pop goddess turned makeup goddess be the new name in luxury fashion? There are talks that Rihanna is set to launch her own fashion house, and telltale signs have everyone guessing when this will be.

As soon as the new year rolled in, RiRi wasted no time in stepping out in a pair of FENTY branded sunglasses. That’s right, a line of FENTY frames could be the thing to look forward to in 2019!

From ground-breaking foundation shades to eyewear shades, the FENTY brand is about to blow up. We’re optimistic and we’re preparing for the roll-out already by taking a look at some of our favourite Rihanna sunglasses looks. Her stylish eyewear game could be a glimpse into the future…


Rihanna’s Micro Shades


In the campaign for the Savage x Fenty lingerie collection, Rihanna wears a pair of super cool and on-trend micro shades. The micro sunglasses trend has been spotted on Bella and Gigi Hadid as well as Kendall Jenner, and Rihanna seems to be a big fan herself. This isn’t the first time she’s styled itsy bitsy frames.

Get the look:

Rihanna sunglasses style steal microshades
#totallook DW047

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Rihanna’s Colour Block Aviators


Huge aviators – tick. Colour block – tick. Rihanna is rocking two of the chicest trends of the moment with these shades. The colour blocking feature is a great way of adding a modern twist to your classic aviator look, and your frames will go with anything in your wardrobe.

Get the look:

Michael Kors colour block sunglasses

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Rihanna’s Retro Tinted Shades


From Selena and Hailey Baldwin (now Bieber) to Mary-Kate Olsen, tinted sunglasses have been a celebrity favourite.  This style of eyewear is so retro, celebrating 1970s fashion throwbacks and icons of that time. Think John Lennon, think Pink Floyd, think Janis Joplin. Whether you opt for small and sleek or oversized is up to you. Have fun with a whole array of colours, or choose a light toned blue to channel Rihanna’s vibe.

Get the look:

Rihanna tinted lens sunglasses
Ray-Ban RB3594


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Rihanna’s Flash Sunglasses


Mirror sunglasses are still H.O.T in 2019. But this year, we see lenses shrink and get narrower. So round lenses transform into oval, square lenses gets the rectangle treatment, and oversized silhouettes get squashed. These Carrera shades are a fantastic wardrobe copy of Rihanna’s…

Get the look:

Carrera CARRERA 177/S

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Rihanna’s Gold Frame Sunglasses


This year, we’re going for gold. True gold, that is. Copper and pretty rose hues have been huge in recent years, and Instagram feeds have had the rose gold treatment in everything from fashion to interiors. But now we’re ready to re-introduce a classic metal tone. Opt for neutral golds that can complement any skin tone, and let Rihanna’s 1980s Studio 54 look be your inspiration…

Get the look:

rihanna gold sunglasses style steal

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Rihanna’s Men In Black Sunglasses


Simple, slick and understated. These Men In Black style shades seen on Rihanna’s FENTY Beauty campaign are so stylish. Rectangular lenses are in, and this look is a chic alternative to the classic oversized Hollywood shades. Go for an extended rectangle frame that gives you coverage and accentuates your cheekbones too.

Get the look:

Rihanna sunglasses style steal
Owlet OWIS057

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